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polishing a… something

Regular readers might recall that I put in my order for my CBRPS Mosin-Nagant bullpup kit back in March, and according to the webpage, it might be being assembled in the very near future*.

Well, since then, I have been discovering some very interesting things… First, courtesy of Erin, I found that those 10-round Mosin-Nagant magazines I wrote about a while back might be nearing production. Or, at least, the concept works, he now has the patent in progress, and there is a mailing list set up for updates when there are any. Regardless, the best thing about this is that it requires absolutely no changes to the core firearm, and not even any tools to speak of – unhinge the factory floorplate, and attach his magazine extension to the same location, and you are good to go.

And, really, how can you go wrong with 10 rounds of 7.62x54R on tap? The only question is whether or not it is compatible with the CBRPS stock, and Bernie seems to think so…

However, here is something I know will not be compatible with the bullpup kit: heavy target barrels originally intended for the UK Vz.59 machine gun and rethreaded to fit into Mosin-Nagant receivers. While sometimes not easy to install, they can work pretty well once screwed on and fitted to your receiver/bolt. But, still, you are looking at somewhere around $100 for a good-condition hex-receiver Mosin, $80 for the barrel, probably at least $250+ in gunsmithing time (assuming you cannot do it yourself), shipping for all of it, and then the modifications necessary for the stock to fit… With a budget of $500, you would probably be better off springing for a Finn or sniper variant.

I still kind of want one. There is something borderline hysterical about taking a century-old design for a rifle that was, and more or less still is, viewed as disposable and doing those kinds of things to it.

Alternatively, if you have even more money, some crazy engineers will apparently happily do the work for you, and with a completely new barrel at that.

(* – Mightagain. Say what you want about Bernie’s designs (and they definitely fall under the heading of “love them or hate them”), but the man really needs to work on his process optimization.)

4 comments to polishing a… something

  • Stan

    Classic Arms is also selling stripped Mosin receivers for about 20$ as well.

  • Yeah, but good luck finding a complete bolt these days, and the ones you do find are $40+shipping. At that price, you might as well get another complete rifle (which was my solution for the problem :) ).

  • Stan

    Yeah the prices for parts on those guns is crazy.

  • I sometimes wonder if buying cases of them and parting them out would be worth the hassle… And why people do not make spare parts for them, given there obviously is a demand. Whole new ones would probably be too expensive…

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