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You will note that I have been largely silent regarding the ongoing "Occupy [X Location]" idiocy that seems to be sweeping the nation at the moment, and apart from this post and my previous one, I am going to keep up that trend. Trust me, it is better for both of us.

But I did want to take a moment to highlight a quote from an "Occupy Wall Street" supporter, as seen below:

quoteofthedaylowenaffchenfun trick: give #iamthe53 people an injury that will force them into a hospital stay. suddenly the system doesn’t work anymore

(For those unfamiliar with the "I Am the 53" movement, see here, or just remember that 47% of Americans pay no federal income tax.)

In short, Lowenaffchen‘s bloodthirsty tweet sums up the entire "Occupy" movement in 140 characters or less – you have something they want (whether it is your support of them, your money, your property, your skills (especially if you are a doctor / teacher / lawyer / etc.), or something else), and they are completely willing to use predatory violence to force you to provide that "something" to them, free of charge. And if you do not agree with that cause? Well, see above.

And that is what this entire "Occupy" movement boils down to – raw, naked, unapologetic force. Granted, such a thing can sometimes be necessary, and sometimes even arguably useful, but when that force is being employed to separate law-abiding citizens from their lawfully-owned property that they spent portions of their lives to be able to purchase? Yeah, you can politely go to hell… that is not America – that is mob rule by a bunch of entitlement-addicted children.

Lest you think I am pulling a single quote out of the air and making a mountain out of it, Gun Free Zone has been doing an outstanding job documenting more of the bloodthirsty desires being expressed (and possibly acted upon) by "Occupy" dissidents, as have others. Are all "Occupy" protesters and supporters violent people? Arguably not. But they are adamantly and publicly endorsing a political and social structure that would and could only be enacted and perpetuated through the use and implementation of violence – after all, what happens when those bankers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and so forth "go Galt", so to speak, and take their money with them? What happens when they refuse to turn over their property to the government / mob? What happens when people like you and me refuse to tolerate increased taxes so freeloaders can continue to leech off society? That road inexorably leads to violence, whether they are willing to perpetrate that violence themselves or not.

I guess I should thank Lowenaffchen for having just barely enough of a spine to embrace his destructive nature and declare his intended violence to be "fun", unlike most of his compatriots who continue to cower behind claims of "social equality" or whatever-the-hell it is they are whining about today.

Yes, there is some limited ground between us that we can declare to be "common", but until such time as the "Occupy" movement can consolidate and express a coherent, cohesive cause/message/purpose, and until they abandon their idiotic notions that more government is the solution and that other people’s property is theirs for the taking if they want it, I will continue to regard those agitators and their abettors as a very good reason to purchase more ammunition and firearms.

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  1. And if they somehow get student debts to be forgiven, it will undoubtedly happen the day after I finish paying off mine. Damn stupid socialist punks.

  2. The other part of his tweet is bullshit. Most people are satisfied with the service of health care in the US. We just have not come to terms with cost. I spent a night in the hospital on a monitor after I was admitted for chest pains. The hospital care was excellent. I paid my co-pays. It all works. I am the 53%.

  3. A cousin of mine works for the Young Turks, and attended some of the Pittsburg protests on their behalf. I thought about asking for copies of his pictures, but I don’t think “To make you look bad” would be a good enough reason for him to fork ’em over.

  4. @ bluesun: That was definitely one of the benefits of the ROTC program… not that most of the folks protesting would even consider military service (and it is probably just as well).

    @ Ken Rhanek: Yeah, the second half of the tweet was so massively wrong, I was not even going to try to address it… But let me say this: Better Half and I are considering having a child, and do you know how much that process would cost, from the very first OB/GYN appointment to the delivery? $10. Total. One co-pay (and I will admit we have very low co-pays, but still). Now, we picked-and-chose our employer, and they do have some good healthcare options, but if that is “broken”, I do not want to see “fixed”.

    @ alcade: Would it make you feel any better that I had to Google YT to figure out who the hell they were? Or that they are idiots for trying to “regain” something we never had (to wit, democracy)? 😉

  5. @ Linoge:

    Yes and no. You see, the original “Young Turks” were a group of young Turkish officials at the beginning of the twentieth century that rose to power promising modern, secular reforms in Turkey. They then went on to do the exact opposite, and radicalized like never before. They were the group in charge during the Armenian genocide.

    Can you imagine if a right wing organization called themselves something like the “Brown Shirts”? You’d have heard about them then, I’d bet!

  6. Hm. Good point. In my defense, my education never covered much Turkish recent history, which probably only serves as a condemnation of both public and private education, but such is life…

  7. I read somewhere (cannot seem to find it at the moment, due to all the spam supporting this idiotic idea) that “forgiving student loans” could/would be the single action that would effectively destroy the American economy due to the complete devaluation of the American Dollar that would result.

    Good times…

  8. You were trolled too easily by lowenaffchen. Dont believe everything you read as it may prove your argument on one simple swoop.

  9. I have always found it… convenient… how scoundrels and scum always hide behind the “it was just a joke” line.

    Good to see how that tradition has not abated over the years.

  10. You are a tool. A useful idiot for the people fucking you every way imaginable. Enjoy your self-righteous bliss.

  11. *headdesk*

    You are a stupid one, are you not?

    Are you even familiar with the history of the word “useful idiot”? It was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western Countries – people who wanted the government to have all the control, all the power, and all the money. People who wanted money taken from the rich and given to the poor. People who wanted “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.

    In other words, the ancestors of the “Occupy” idiocy.

    In other words, YOUR ideological ancestors.

    And here you sit, mired in your own idiocy, and attempt to speciously fling those words at me like your brethren throw crap at cops? Piss off, child, and find someone else to bother – I do not tolerate your kind of language at this site, and I surely do not tolerate people who defend those who would engage in premeditated, predatory, aggressive violence against others. Something tells me you fail at life just as bad as you fail at presenting anything even approximating a rational argument.

  12. [ Comment redacted due to Cory’s inability to open his mouth without resorting to profanity, and incapability of presenting anything approximating an argument, rational or otherwise. ]

  13. Another thing I do not tolerate on my site, Cory? People redefining and misappropriating words to their own malicious purposes.

    “Useful idiots” has meant one thing, and one thing only, through the history of the phrase – if you are too stupid to actually look up that definition on your own, you really have no business wielding the words like so many limp noodles.

    Also, I allowed your previous comment to go through for two reasons: first, to give you a second chance, which you have just senselessly squandered; and, second, to show my regular readers the caliber of the Occupy sympathizers and facilitators. Do you even know how to present an argument? How to phrase a debate? How to field your points?

    Obviously not. It would seem to me that you found the perfect community to become a member of, because that seems to be a systemic deficiency amongst all Occupy-affiliated dumbasses like you.

    Any further comments from you containing profanity will be marked as spam. Any further comments from you consisting of nothing more than specious name-calling will be marked as spam. If you want to present an argument, feel free. Otherwise, Akismet will learn that your email address is spam-happy, and will pass that on to every other site that uses it. Enjoy.

  14. Linoge said: “… to show my regular readers the caliber of the Occupy sympathizers and facilitators. Do you even know how to present an argument? How to phrase a debate? How to field your points?”

    Cory will have an excellent career in academia. 🙂

  15. @linoge — After having spent 7 years in graduate school in one of our fine institutions of higher learning, I am sad to say that I’m only half-joking.

    Critical thinking and the ability to properly articulate and defend one’s assertions has long passed out of them. The whole support for “science by consensus” is related to this. The huge pushback on global-warming-skepticism and quasicrystals (2011 Nobel in Chemistry awarded for 1982 discovery “that couldn’t exist”: Wikipedia article here ) has to do with the inability of the typical academic to do more than just be a disciple parroting their mentor. Those few original thinkers are pariahs in their departments, and anyone who tries to pull that before getting a Ph.D seldom graduates. If you do have original thoughts, keep them to yourself and fly under their radar until at least after the Ph.D, and possibly reveal them only after you’re tenured.

  16. @ Robert Slaughter: Wow… that is just… Wow. In other words, that is why I am very thankful I chose hard engineering over “soft” sciences – in my fields, it either works, or it does not, and you typically know why not and can rub that in the faces of people who told you it “should” work.

    Granted, my field would be impossible without scientists, but I can get over that ;).

    Better Half experienced some of exactly that in her five years chasing down her PhD, and I fear the people after her are getting it even worse now (her advisor… sucked). Definitely gave me a bad taste for higher-higher education, even second-hand.

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