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There is a whole host of reasons that, despite being a Christian and despite graduating from one of their high schools, the Roman Catholic Church and I never particularly got along. Religions are kind of like that, though, which is why it is just as well there seems to be no shortage of them these days.

Of course, some of the more popular religions out there refuse to claim the title for political reasons, despite sharing some coincidental similarities with the oldies and goldies:


Eventually the Roman Catholics abandoned the ludicrous practice of using Other People’s Money to buy souls into Heaven… Unfortunately, I sincerely doubt our government will ever attain even that level of enlightenment.

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  1. And keep in mind the indulgences were what made Martin Luther kick off that whole “reformation” thing. Which in turn led to much war and strife in Europe while they sorted everything out.

  2. Yeah… and all that unpleasantness was sorted by the establishment of a new church… Unfortunately, founding a new country not saddled by the purebred idiocy of green-worshipping is not a viable option at the moment.

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