“Ah, he's not the first psycho to hire us, nor the last. You think that's a commentary on us?”
by Captain Malcolm Reynolds




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piggybacking on others’ legwork

My schedule has been absolutely crazy of late, and shows no indications of letting up any time soon, so I have not had the opportunity to go down and take a look at Coal Creek Armory‘s new Outpost in Kingston. Thankfully, Brick did exactly that, and shares with us his observations. Unfortunately, his on-the-scene reporting only served to cement the concerns I had about the expansion from the very beginning, but, hey, I am not a small business owner, and it is not my money, so the folks at CCA may know things I do not know, and, regardless, they are more than welcome to do as they like. Here is to hoping it all works out.

Some cats would definitely improve both of CCA‘s locations, though…

3 comments to piggybacking on others’ legwork

  • Thanks for the link… sorry no pictures, but I did just see the Facebook page for the Outpost. Start here.

  • Beaumont

    I’m still of the opinion that it’s a mistake on CCA’s part. All those suburban neighborhoods in North Knox are underserved by shooting-sports retailers, and generally have some disposable income. CCA could have exploited that lack, and dominated the market in that part of the county (as well as Anderson, Union, and all those Kentuckians who drive down I75 every weekend to shop in E. TN).

  • @ Brick O’Lore: No worries. I will have to drag myself down there and take them at some point :).

    @ Beaumont: You have pretty much my full agreement… Trying to go toe-to-toe with an established range, even one that is having difficulty dragging customers through the front door, seems like an overly ambitious decision in my eyes… But what do I know? 🙂