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albatrosses come home to roost

For those who are interested in those kinds of things, this morning a source informed me that Michael Bonomo (aka "mikeb302000") has been banned from Daily Kos*, apparently for maligning, insulting, and libeling veterans; maliciously misrepresenting comments from others in damaging fashions; perpetrating specious ad hominem attacks; and engaging in exploitative, "ghoulish" "violence porn" to further his anti-rights agenda.

In other words, unsurprisingly, pretty much the same behavior that got him banned on right-wing weblogs is also not tolerated on flamingly "liberal" websites. Go figure.

And speaking of trolls getting what they deserve, Bob S. has done a masterful bit of point-connecting, and may have finally figured out what Mike’s criminal history might actually be. It is all conjecture, but the ducks do seem to line up nicely, and given how Bonomo is willing to use any not-really-transgression, even potential ones, in a person’s history to bar them from exercising their Constitutionally-protected rights (up to and including "getting old" and "negligent discharge"), it is only fair that we know where he is coming from, especially considering how he has abused his Constitutionally-protected rights by vilifying, attacking, and impugning firearm-owners.

Shockingly, criminals support "gun control"; in most cases, it is simply a "job security / self-preservation" reflex, but Mike’s motivations seem to be more along the lines of psychological projection.

(* – You can get banned from DK? Wow. Considering some of the stuff I have seen there over the years, he must have really gone beyond the pale.)

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  • Dreaded Claymore

    Wow. I just read Bob S.’s post, and wow. Fantastic gathering and dot-connecting.

  • Completely agree. Since I no longer keep up with Bonomo’s weblog, I was totally unfamiliar with a lot of the information Bob was pulling from, but given how all of the pieces fit together… well, like he said, you can draw your own conclusions. We still do not know for certain, but even inveterate liars like Mike fall into patterns, and this one may have bit him in his ample arse.

  • I never really bothered much with Daily Kos, I didn’t like the format, and was under the impression that it was an even more left-leaning Huffington Post.

    Not sure how correct that assumption is, but it appears that even there the idea of gun control doesn’t get much traction, and extremists like Bonomo aren’t tolerated.

    Truly amazing!

  • Wow. The Kos Kidz just tee off on him.


  • “Misli, gammi gra’dil, Strygalldwir.”

  • I use Google reader as it works well on my computers, android phone and CRUZ eReader.
    And I am a news junkie…{damn it is out}…
    Anyhow one of my feeds is ALLTOP RSS.
    The other day I stumbled across the “dude with name and number” he was vilifying a gunnie named, lemme see “Linoage”, rotten shit that dude with name and number is…..
    And now where have I heard or seen “Linoage” before….
    **shuffle.. shuffle.. off to rocking chair muttering***

  • Pyrotek85

    Damn, they really let him have it. I don’t normally read there, but apparently he had the same reputation we all know him for.

  • Seeing mikeb#s (as he’s known on DK) go bony mojo (banned) was satisfying to say the least. Though I have to say, I did nothing to try and get him banned (I have no direct dial to any of the admins.)

    Yes, DailyKos is a pro-Democratic Party, left leaning, liberal website. That’s one of the reasons why I’m there. Pro-2A/RKBA/civil rights should not be party based. It’s better for all of us if BOTH parties support *ALL* civil rights.

    So here’s me, liberal lefty (-10,-5.33 on the policompass), pushing for Democratic party recognition of the individual RKBA.

    Something I think pro-RKBA people of all political stripes can get behind.


  • @ Weer’d Beard: Based on the very few visits to the site I made during my college years, I would say your assumption pretty much holds true – like I said, the non-stop vitriolo was too much for me.

    But it would appear as though even they have standards…

    @ Borepatch: The interesting thing is that what we can see is only about half the conversation – DK has an interesting system where if a comment gets downvoted enough, it does not show up to the public. I have the entire, uncensored comment thread if anyone is interested… just drop me an email (linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net). It is a bit long, and unthreaded, though…

    @ Erin Palette: Is it bad that I had to look that up? ;). Also, you might be giving Mike too much credit…

    @ maddmedic: Pretty much the same reason I use Google Reader too :).

    In fairness, though, that post you saw was probably written by Mike’s co-author, Guy Cabot (JadeGold) who, in addition to being a world-renown scumbag cyberstalker, also has a tremendously unhealthy, self-destructive obsession with me and this site. However, it rather says something about Mike that he willingly associates with people like that…

    @ Pyrotek85: And the interesting thing is that there is effectively no overlap between “DK population” and “pro-rights weblogs population” – Mike developed that reputation there all by his lonesome, and he cannot blame anyone but himself. That will not stop him from trying to blame everyone else, but still.

    @ KVoimakas: Oh, trust me, we have absolutely no problems with the notion of “liberal” folks who support the rights protected by the Second Amendment… I just find it a little inconsistent at times, and even you have to admit you are in the minority ;). Regardless, the right to self-defense is something that all parties should proudly stand behind, and maybe one day they will. Glad to see what Mike provided you all about as much entertainment as he did us, though…

  • @Linoge I’d have no problem having a discussion on how being pro-RKBA is inconsistent with being a liberal. Then again, we’d have to define what liberal actually is…and what pro-RKBA actually is. I’ve heard lots of people who consider themselves pro-RKBA but wouldn’t have a problem with a NICS check on all transfers (something I don’t support.) Where do you draw the line? I’m probably one of the more extremist pro-RKBA liberals out there in the sense that I’d love to see the Hughes amendment, parts of the GCA of 1968 and the NFA repealed.

    Though come to think of it, if the NFA was repealed, the Hughes amendment wouldn’t mean shit.

    So, how do you classify liberal?


  • @ KVoimakas: As far as I am concerned, if a person is comfortable with the way the laws are structured at the moment, I can accept someone referring to themselves as pro-RKBA. That said, I am definitely more in the same boat you are – no NFA at all, gutting the GCA, full-faith-and-credit for carry permits, etc. etc.

    As for “liberals”… well, that is another matter entirely, unfortunately; what I define that word to mean, and what the world defines that word to mean seem to be drastically different. However, by the generally-common definition that society seems to be constantly evolving and forcing upon the dictionary, it all seems to come down to how much governmental interference and control exists in people’s lives, and whether or not that is a good thing. This is not to say that Republicans are not controlling bastards (they are) or that conservatives are not controlling bastards (they can be), but such are the limitations we find ourselves in with the current political landscape. So, in that regard and definition, “gun control” makes perfect sense.

    But in the original definition of “liberal” (and I do tend to be an originalist), the very notion of telling law-abiding people what they can and cannot do or own intrinsically runs contrary to the quaint notions of “maximizing individual freedoms” and “protecting civil liberties”, much less “free expression” and so forth. That is where my disconnect lies.

    So, I guess it all depends on what kind of liberal you view yourself as. For most of them, the notion of the government controlling yet another aspect of their lives falls right in line with the rest of their beliefs, but that is primarily because the word has been summarily hijacked, like so many others…

  • @ Linoge:

    I tend to think government should stick to doing what the founders expected it to do: regulating commerce/business and self defense. I would love to see things like the repeal of Glass-Steagall overturned. When it comes to the BoR, I’d love to see it incorporated against the states. Civil rights should never be based on where you live inside the US (whether that’s RKBA, jury trial, freedom of/from religion, or anything else.)

    The stereotype that all liberals want more government interference and control is just that, a stereotype. Sure, most liberals want the government to take a more involved role in certain things, like big business, because big business is out of our weight class when it comes to the general populace dealing with things. But you’ll notice that there are a lot of things that liberals want the government OUT of, including: empire building, legislating what ‘marriage’ is, and abortion (just to name a few.)

    I’d love to continue this convo in real time. You have an IM program of sorts? My gtalk handle is my email.


  • The problem, as I see it, though, is that the liberals want the government “out” of those things by demanding governmental recognition of those things, while people like me generally want the government out of those things entirely – no legislation at all concerning marriage, no legislation at all regarding abortions, etc.

    But, then, we are still arguing over what other people define the word “liberal” to mean.

    I did not mean to not respond to you, and I do not mean to dodge you now, but I am currently up visiting my parents, and will be incommunicado for at least another week. We can discuss it more then :).

  • Conservatives want no laws? That’s not how I see it. Libertarians, maybe, not conservatives. Look at DOMA and DADT. Look at the legislation passed to make abortion harder and harder to get. Those aren’t your liberals pushing that. Conservatives push for federal/state interference as well but just when it suits them. As much as I’d like a national carry reciprocity bill, how does that play into the F the Federal Government-GO STATES RIGHTS! stance of most conservatives? How does DOMA?

  • You make the mistake of assuming I am Conservative, or otherwise do not believe they do not do the same things Liberals do.

    Both wield government like a club. The difference is that the Liberals seem to firmly believe in the specious concept of “fairness”, and are willing to drag everyone down in order to achieve that non-existent utopia. Conservatives are willing to let you try and fail on your own, so long as you are willing to play inside their rules, and while I hate that all the same, I can tolerate it more easily.

  • […] forum has no interest in Anti-Rights boilerplate, much like the Ultra-”Progressive” Daily Kos, over at DU I found this particularly poignant comment. You know how it is with them, guns are […]

  • So what do you classify yourself as?

  • Me? I am a lowercase-libertarian with some decidedly, but variable, minarchist tendencies depending on how much the government has pissed me off today.

  • @ Linoge:
    Like…although government pretty much just tees me off all the time.

  • Seems to be getting that way, does it not?