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unfamiliarity breeds ignorance

So what happened with the saga of the basement lights?

Well, there is a sordid tale behind it all… but the shortest story of all, since I doubt you all care about the particulars, is that on the recommendation of some good-and-generous folks, I purchased a new switch to replace the old one, and, on taking the old one out of the wall, I noticed that it had more wires going into it than the new, single-pole switch could support.

At that point, I remembered that the basement lights have a second switch we never use, which seems to work just fine (of course), and as soon as I get our new-new three-pole switch installed, we should be good to go.

And this time I cannot even blame it on “but it was behind/in a wall”, etc….

2 comments to unfamiliarity breeds ignorance

  • At least you can’t be accused of incompetence.

    I discovered that whoever’d wired my basement (before I bought the house) spliced two separate branch circuits together at a GFCI outlet. It’s disconcerting to open the breaker and find the outlet you want to work on is still hot. I’m glad that there was never an occasion where tripping that GFCI would have been necessary to save a life…

  • Oy… I definitely feel your pain. Trying to document all of the idiotic and asinine things we discovered while remodeling just a bare fraction of our house would probably overload my host’s server…

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