reminds me of a star trek episode

Question: What happens when a car manufacturing company fails miserably (and rightfully so), is ruled "too large to fail", is purchased by governmental (i.e. your) money, and eventually gets "back on its feet" by shuffling bills around and calling it "paying back your debts"… and shorting the American taxpayer in the process?

Answer: You get a $36,000 2012 white Jeep Wrangler Limited with three white fenders… and one black one.

It’s one thing to overlook mismatched fenders on a Jeep Wrangler when one side has unpainted plastic black and the other is glossy painted black. But how do you explain one with three white fenders and one black plastic one? Jeez. Did we really pay good government money for this company?

Yes, yes you did, along with every other tax-paying American citizen.

At any rate, this is me, sitting here, speechless at the reality that somewhere along the line between that vehicle leaving the factory floor and being listed on eBay, no one noticed that one of its larger pieces is not like the other three. Sure, maybe it did not happen at the factory. Maybe it was not that way when the dealership accepted it. But, seriously people, what kind of half-witted idiots are running "Hondru Dodge Chrysler/Jeep"? And assuming it did come from the factory in this multi-toned fashion, what kind of idiots are working there, and what else did they screw up?

I have long since decided that if I were to ever purchase another vehicle new-off-the-lot, the only American car manufacturer in the running would be Ford, but if these two Jeeps are indicative of the quality being produced by Chrysler and all of its various subsidiaries, I think I might just be safer buying an Yugo sight-unseen and trying to drive it home across the country.

Also, Jeep Wranglers come with cruise control now? WTF, mate?

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  1. My dad and I had so many problems with our jeeps over the years that I’m letting my current one be the last. Probably gonna go Toyota next, assuming Ford doesn’t suddenly have a crop of cars that outclass them when I start looking again.

    Really, I don’t even need the “they got bailed out” excuse, they’re simply not that great in comparison.

  2. Wow.

    I used to be a Jeep guy, but Chrysler lost me with some pretty stupid things they put on the TJ models.

    This aint convincing me to come back.

  3. Face it, Chrysler hasn’t exactly been the exemplar of quality these last few decades. But now, it’s more of a Government program to give money to unions, with a few cars churned out as a sideline.

  4. @ the Dude: I have to admit, the Toyota FJ Cruiser is growing on me, sad though that may be, though my father swears by his Nissan Titan, and with good reason from what I have seen. Sadly, Ford offers nothing that really compares to either.

    @ John Hardin: I have nothing against American cars. I have something against government-owned American cars ;).

    @ Kevin S: I mean, seriously, how can you not notice that?!

    @ That Guy: My understanding was that Jeeps used to be pretty cool until Chrysler got ahold of the name, and it has been steadily going downhill ever since… With things like this being the crowning achievement, I can see why.

    @ Joe in PNG: You wil lget no disagreement from me, on any point.

  5. I bought my Rubicon in ’04, before they became Government Motors. I love it and I’m taking great care of it in the hopes it last a good long while because I will never buy another GM product. And, as an FYI, I did get the cruise control option on mine, although, it was listed as a “leather wrapped steering wheel” for $400, I had to do some research to find out that it was cruise control and not just some overpriced steering wheel.

  6. *sigh* I know it would be impossible now, given all of the safety/emissions/efficiency regulations and things people want their cars to do, but it would be nice if the only computer on Jeeps was the radio…

  7. To be fair, the swap could have happened anywhere from the factory floor to the dealership parking lot, so it may not entirely be a union person’s fault… but the mentality is still to blame.

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