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is there an electrician in the house?

No, seriously, do any of my readers have any training, formal or otherwise, in home wiring, AC electricals, fluorescent lighting, or related topics?  We are having a rather peculiar problem with our basement drop-ceiling lighting, and while we have reached the extent of my limited electrical theory knowledge, we want to make sure it is not something stupidly obvious before we call in the big guns… 

11 comments to is there an electrician in the house?

  • divemedic

    I was an electrician’s mate in the Navy, and I worked in the electrical field for a couple of years after I got out…

  • Sounds like divemedic may be a better resource than I am, but I’m comfortable doing most household wiring and happy to share what insight I have. I’ll be on #GBC today or you can email me at ([handle] at gmail)…

  • Alex

    I’m a register PE in Electrical engineering. What’s going on?

  • Look around, can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe?

  • Kerry

    Erin, I got it, and spit onto the screen!

  • @ divemedic, @ ZerCool, and @ Alex: Pinged the three of you, continuing the conversation in email… Unfortunately, things got even more complicated :).

    @ Erin Palette: “Does the rolling help?”

    @ Kerry: If you had not gotten it, you cannot call yourself a geek ;).

  • treestump

    I’ve done lighting and electrical design and sales for the last decade and some change. I’m actually factory scertified by phillips, sylvania, and various ballast and lighting manufacturers. shoot me a line if you still need help

  • If you still haven’t figured it out, feel free to ping me by email as well. I’ve been replacing fixtures and wiring left and right.

    Like I need any of my BSEE to do that though.

  • @ treestump: Thanks for the offer! I now have two ex-Navy EMs and a PE electrician all helping me out on email, and they are already mostly over my head, so it may be time to turn things over to a pro regardless… Which brings me to…

    @ Alex: The verdicts seem to be “bad switch” (which I can replace, and probably will this weekend), “bad ballast” (which I cannot chase down, due to the craziness of the wire connectors), or “bad neutral” (which is way beyond my skills and nerve to chase down). If the switch does not cut it, I think it is time to pay for someone who is insured for this kind of thing.

    @ Barron Barnett: Sounds like you are busy enough over there already, but thanks!

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