“When the need arises - and it does - you must be able to shoot your own dog. Don't farm it out that doesn't make it nicer, it makes it worse.”
by Lazarus Long




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gun control and racism, the best of buddies

By now, you are probably familiar with the racist roots of gun control, and if not, you should probably educate yourself on the finer details and then come back to this post.

All caught up? Great. Now, just to ensure that we are all completely on the same page, remember that concealed carry is currently illegal in Wisconsin (the law legalizing it goes into effect on 01NOV11), and open carry is generally frowned upon by authorities (though, strictly speaking, legal).

So we have racism, and we have gun control, and now to put them together in a slightly unusual fashion:

The investigation into 11 of the violent incidents on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair has resulted in the arrest of a 16-year-old African-American who reportedly told investigators he targeted whites.

West Allis police said Thursday the teen was arrested late Wednesday. The Milwaukee teen was booked on suspicion of attempted robbery and robbery. Police recommend that he face additional penalties for hate crimes.

Police say the teen told investigators whites were chosen because he considered them “easy targets.”

On the one hand, a black individual selectively targeting white individuals for assault and battery is just as much racism as a white individual doing the exact same thing to black individuals. Likewise, idiotic though they may be, “hate crime” laws should apply to this situation just as much as if the ethnicities were reversed.

On the other hand, thanks to Wisconsin’s laws, this particular violent thug could rest assured that most people at the event lacked the means and capabilities to effectively defend themselves, and we know what happens when criminals realize there are no consequences for their actions. Additionally, the scumbag may have been engaging in more than a little implied stereotyping of his fellow demographic by leading one to believe that black people would not be “easy targets” because they ignored Wisconsin’s laws about carrying firearms (or he was just making up excuses to cover for his racism, which is also a possibility).

Regardless of the thug’s motivations, however, this incident has more-than-adequately demonstrated that criminals prefer disarmed victims, and that “gun control” is still aiding and abetting violent racists even to this day… which only makes sense, given its original incarnations were enacted to keep those uppity freed slaves from getting too uppity.

4 comments to gun control and racism, the best of buddies

  • Ken Rhanek

    I’m hoping that “hate crime” legislation gets applied to as many minorities as possible. Then the liberal geeks will consider repealing these stupid laws.

  • Pyrotek85

    I’m a little surprised that they’re actually using the hate crime legislation against him. I agree it needs to go however.

  • @ Ken Rhanek: It is, after all, only “fair”, and that seems to be one of the “progressive’s” guiding lights… or, at least they claim it is.

    @ Pyrotek85: Crime is crime. All of its motivations are to cause harm to another person, so my seeing is that the “hate” is there regardless.

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