“If I’m morally justified to shoot someone over a million dollars of my property, I am justified to shoot them over ten dollars. If I am not justified to shoot them over ten bucks, I’m not justified to shoot them over a million. That’s the only consistent and non-arbitrary application of that moral principle. Any other interpretation puts a dollar value on your existence, and your right to live your life as your own master.”
by Marko Kloos




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graphics matter, fire support

Going a slightly different direction with the data, Barron Barnett has taken a look at the FBI UCR report and how it correlates to the Brady Campaign state "scores". Predictably enough, it does not:


While R2 has increased, it is still inconsequential and shows absolutely zero correlation over the entire data set. It is worth nothing though the overall score vs. crime trend has gone from being slightly negative to positive. By looking at the plot, you can see that different scores are scattered across the entire field of crime rates.

If you are surprised by this, you have not been paying attention. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s state "scores" are nothing more than an accounting based on a list of pipe-dream, authoritarian legislation they want passed in all of the states in the union, and, unsurprisingly enough, the "gun control" extremists have provided absolutely no evidence to indicate that any of that legislation would, in any way, improve the violent crime rates in those states.

In fact, as Barron found out when he looked at the "high-scoring" states, any influence those laws might have on the violent crime rates could be, historically speaking, making the situation worse. But that is just speculation – what is cold, hard fact is that the Brady Scores are completely and totally meaningless when it comes to the violent crime rates in states, but that is what happens when you grade based on religion-like beliefs rather than reality-based facts.

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  • I did this same correlation a few years ago, came up with the same basic results–Correlation was well below statistical significance, and the direction depended on whether DC was included (using California’s score, since the Bradys don’t want to talk about DC)

  • @ Sevesteen: I seem to recall Sebastian doing something similar once upon a time and reaching equivalent conclusions as well.

    It is always telling that the Brady Campaign itself has never run the numbers like this… or, at least, they have never publicized numbers like this…