“The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops.”
by Noah Webster




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double standards, on parade

Shortly after a deranged nutcase decided to shoot United States Representative Giffords and murder six other people, the left side of the American political spectrum came unglued over the right’s occasional use of certain graphics in their political messages – yes, because telling your constituents to “target” certain duly-elected representatives for upcoming removal from office by means of elections is obviously equivalent to shooting people you disagree with.

At the time, those same leftists showed a typical propensity for ignoring similar political rhetoric being used by their compatriots, so I really do not have to wonder where their outrage is over this video “game” that centers around zombified right-wing politicians:

Tea Party Zombies Must Die is a “game” in the sense that it looks like something created under the guise of diversionary fun. You collect weapons and powerups while roaming around a level killing zombies. Pretty standard fare in today’s gaming world, except that the zombies are all representatives and supporters of the Tea Party, from generic zombies like “Generic Pissed Off Old White Guy Zombie” all the way up to a two-headed Koch Brothers monstrosity and ol’ “Cryin’ Eyes” Glenn himself.

No joke. This game apparently took the visages of these and other “big name” folks on the right side of the political spectrum, slapped them on the pixellated-and-crappy bodies of zombies, and made a game out of whacking them. Apparently a crappy game, at that. And yet, since the people being shot are right-wingers, the left-wingers are… conveniently, and unsurprisingly, silent; after all, it is not X when they do it.

[Update] Unbeknownst to me (since I am just now catching up on my RSS feeds), wfgodbold actually tried to give the game a chance. It failed. Miserably. [/Update]

But wait, there is more! IkeaHackers is a wonderful site for learning how to do creative things with that big-blue-box’s stores collection of flat-packed furniture and home accessories. Unfortunately, it has also recently been targeted by thuggish, bullying “gun control” extremists:

I’ve removed the Browning .22 hack. Not because I don’t think it is a valid Ikea hack but because it has generated a great amount of negativity and ill-will on the blog, which is not the purpose and mood of this blog.

If this hack has offended you, I apologise for my poor judgement in this instance.

Yup, you read that right – a hack that made cocking a .22 pistol easier got yanked because some hoplophobes got “offended” and let loose with both barrels – metaphorically speaking – on the manager of the site. Really? And here I thought us pro-rights activists were supposed to be the crazy ones… why are “gun control” extremists so violent? IkeaHackers is, of course, Jules’ site, and he is welcome to run it however he likes, but as the theory goes, giving into terrorists never ends well.

Some days, it is really hard to separate the message from the messenger, is it not?

(Courtesy of Mad Rocket Scientist.)

5 comments to double standards, on parade

  • the Dude

    I do remember the whole Palin cross hairs, but I seem to recall that a Democratic representative pulled the EXACT same stunt earlier… that disappeared down the memory hole.
    Anyone else remember that (with specifics, unlike my rambling), or did I just dream it up?

  • Dreaded Claymore

    There’s a review of this awful game over at http://lonelymachines.org/
    I’m liberal, and I think it’s pretty disgusting.

  • @ the Dude: Check out the links in the post… specifically the first one ;).

    @ Dreaded Claymore: This is pretty much the clincher, and what I was obliquely driving at:

    I’m fairly sure the Secret Service doesn’t take kindly to the depiction of killing sitting politicians.

    Good to see this particular piece of crap is getting no good reception anywhere!

  • I didn’t expect it to be any good; it is a Flash game, after all.

    I did forget to mention that the aiming was horrible (an FPS with bad aiming is unconscionable!); when you’re running and not shooting, the gun points in one spot (at an angle from the bottom left, like in most FPS games).

    When you actually go to shoot, though, it moves the gun to the center of the screen and points it straight ahead. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if the aimpoints of the two positions were the same, but it seemed like they were in different spots.

    I played it once and died to screenshots instead of actually trying. I didn’t care enough to try again to see if I could do any better.

  • I dunno, there are some fairly decent flash-based games out there, or at least respectably entertaining ones.

    This one, however, seems to be pointlessly hamstrung by not only offensive and idiotic material, but some more-basic functional problems in the actual gameplay, that, when combined together, makes one hell of an ugly ball of suck and fail.

    But me, I am more fascinated by the double standards being pranced about like a prized pony, given the hell that would rain down should the political alignment of this game be reversed.