at least watergate did not involve murder

Been unable to keep up with the slow-motion train wreck that is the "Gunwalker" Scandal?

Good news – Rhino and Rats has put together a comprehensive background, vocabulary, and timeline regarding the fiasco, which puts pretty much everything you need to know in one place.

In a just world, an unmitigated disaster of this magnitude – including the murders of countless Mexican nationals and at least four American citizens – would have brought down the entire chain of command of the BATFE, if not the Attorney General and possibly even the President, given that an operation involving forcing the illegal and illicit sale of thousands of firearms to Mexican criminals would have had to have very high clearance indeed. Instead, I fear the shuffling of the deck we saw a few months ago may be the fullest extent of this scandal’s reach, which is a damning condemnation of America if there ever were one.

(Courtesy of Say Uncle.)

4 thoughts on “at least watergate did not involve murder”

  1. @ Terriligunn:

    There were some hints that suggested there could have been domestic versions of this operation as well. I don’t think we’ll ever know the full extent of this.

  2. @ alcade: Given how much they are covering for the illegal actions forced to be committed by the BATFE, I am starting to wonder if we should start categorizing them as “accessories after the fact”…

    @ Terriligunn: Hence the “slow-motion” part – this wreck ain’t done yet.

    @ Pyrotek85: I can guarandamntee you that the second Gunwalker hit the news, if there were parallel operations going on inside or outside the country, they were being force-fed into shredders as quickly as they could be…

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