“Make good scouts of yourselves, become good rifle shots so that if it becomes necessary that you defend your families and your country that you can do it.”
by Lord Baden-Powell




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a funny thing happened yesterday

Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks gave me all his guns.

Okay, not all of them, and I am more “holding on to them for the time being”, but he did hand me a case loaded up with all sorts of pistols.

So why is this peculiar? Well, I had never actually met Dennis before yesterday when he handed me the case. Oh, sure, we have exchanged no shortage of emails, and we have talked extensively over the phone, and he did craft a holster for me, but he was, for all intents and purposes, handing a box of firearms to pretty much a complete stranger.

A stranger who could turn around, commit all sorts of crimes, and leave those firearms at the scenes of the crime just to throw the police off the trail.

Except I will not do that. Contrary to the pants-wetting hysteria being peddled by the “gun control” extremists of America, I am a law-abiding, responsible, mature, adult human being who fully comprehends that actions have consequences. More to the point, I fully appreciate and recognize the value of the trust Dennis is placing in me, and I know how heinous violating that trust would be.

Obviously, anti-rights cultists do not own firearms (except when they do), but I have to wonder if they would be willing to freely give an equivalently potentially-damning possession to a person they only know through the internet and phone lines? Would they be willing to trust a person to that point?

My inclinations are “no”. The entire basis of the “gun control” movement is distrust – no person (except the military, and the police, and bodyguards, and…) can be trusted with firearms, no person can be trusted to obey the current laws, no person can be trusted to behave responsibly, no person can be trusted, period. With a core mentality like that, how could one "gun control" extremist ever make the leap to putting faith in another?

By way of examples, I will use a number-laden anti-rights weblog that we all know and pity.  Its primary author lives in Italy, but he frequently flies back to the Jersey Shore to vacation.  Likewise, its second author lives in the D.C. region of Maryland.  Have these two individuals ever met in person?  Nope.  To make matters worse, this site’s fourth author used to (and may still) live in southern Pennsylvania.  Has he ever met either of the other two authors in his geographical area?  Nope. 

Hell, when I lived in southern Maryland myself, I used to date a girl who lived up around Gettysburg, PA, and I managed – without a car or job of my own – to see her at least every month or so.  Why can these grown adults with transportation and money to spare not take a few hours out of their weekends to meet up? 

Do “gun control” extremists ever meet up outside of the sanctioned and specifically organized Brady Campaign shindigs that infrequently occur?  Do they ever just get together and shoot the breeze? 

On the other hand, take a look at the blogroll to the right – every single one of those names with an asterisk next to it indicates a blogger I have met.  Just a few days ago, on a drive back from Dahlgren, VA, Jake from Curses! Foiled Again! met us up for dinner and to just chat for a time, even though we had never even met in person before.  The Gun Blogger Rendezvous just wrapped up today.  A few months back, my anti-social arse organized a Knoxville gun blogger get-together that was surprisingly well-attended.  And in most of these cases, I did not actually “know” any of the people I was meeting up with, and they did not actually “know” me, at least not outside of this text on this webpage. 

But if there is one thing to be said for the pro-rights community, it is that we trust people – we cannot not, given that we stand up, on a daily basis, and are proudly counted as working for the protection and preservation of individual liberties.  Those freedoms require trust… the trust that the people exercising their freedoms will not do so in a way that detrimentally harms another human being.  The trust that they will not randomly attack another person.  The trust that they will not steal another person’s property. 

The trust that I will not make ill use of Dennis’ firearms. 

So, really, what community do you want?  Do you want a community that trusts you to be a responsible, mature, adult human being, free to do as he or she likes so long as you do not harm another person… or do you want a community that does not let you out of your front door without a government minder watching and dictating your every action? 

The choice is fairly simple for me. 

(Oh, and why I have Dennis’ firearms?  Now that he proudly has a Tennessee driver’s license, his New York Firearm Owner’s Identification card has expired, but he is headed back up to the Empire State this week to finish up the movie.  As such, if he has firearms in his possession and steps inside of his house, his (and my) understanding is that he will automatically become a felon under NY law.  He owns the same firearms he did last week.  His house is the same it was last week.  The only thing that has changed is his move, and due to that, he could unintentionally become a felon.  This is what anti-rights cultists talk about when they say “common sense gun laws”.  Remember that.) 

12 comments to a funny thing happened yesterday

  • Oakenheart

    Um if he’s a TN resident now, IN TN, what does NY law have to do with it?

  • Hm. In writing the post, I left out the part where he was going back to NY this week to finish moving out his house.


  • …lives in Italy, but he frequently flies back to the Jersey Shore to vacation.

    That’s just wrong.

  • @oakenheart

    In going down to TN this week, I carted all my pistols. Being that the wife and I have no-one to help with the move, and we have two cars along with a truck of furniture, we decided to make a small vacation out of the first part of the move. Drove two cars down, brought the inevitable stuff that packs poorly in boxes (as such is better carted around loose in the trunk of a car) along with all my pistols. Knowing that part of the trip was to take care of stuff like getting my DL changed, showing proof of residency for opening the bank accounts locally, getting my business certificates for the leatherworking biz, etc….and understanding New Yorks draconian handgun laws, I needed to place my pistols in the care of someone I trust, so that I could come back to the house in NY as a TN resident, and not have a handgun in my possession. My NY Pistol Lic is now invalid, but I am simply a TN resident with my legally owned TN firearms still in TN, and am simply visiting NY while I pack up the rest of the house for the move down.

  • Jack Gibson

    It’s so funny and ironic how the “anti-rights cultists” are preaching against something they need to have in order to preach against anything in the first place! Being an American is having rights, and owning a gun is a simple part of the checks and balances that makes our country great! God bless America and our Troops!


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  • I believe it is “cross the NY State border with handguns” as a non-resident that would make him a felon. Absent a really ridiculously tiny list of exemptions it is flat impossible for a non-NY resident to legally possess a handgun in NYS. (Barring FOPA’86, which wouldn’t apply in this case). I looked into this once when a friend invited me to shoot on his land.

  • Oakenheart

    Ah. I see. Welcome to a “mostly” free state then m8 😉

  • @ John Hardin: Yeah, well, he is a “gun control” extremist… that alone indicates a marked lack in taste ;).

    @ Dragon: Yeah, that is what I left out… This is what I get for getting up and sitting down around seventeen times while writing this post. Darned kittens.

    @ Jack Gibson: That is just part and parcel of the cognitive dissonance of the anti-rights cultists… On the one hand, the First Amendment is darned-near inviolate, absolutely an individual right, and unquestionably essential to their cause. On the other hand, the Second Amendment is outmoded, out dated, irrelevant, and meaningless.

    *scratches head* Er…

    @ Ian Argent: I tend to avoid that state as much as I can… good to have a few more reasons to do so, though.

    @ Oakenheart: Apparently his (remarkably tolerant) wife had grown tired of hearing that phrase over the past week ;).

  • If HR822 passes, I fully intend to get a FL or VA totin chip just so I can get up Bloomie’s nose by carrying in NYC, even if it won’t allow me to carry at home. (Well, that and I’m planning to join a range in Free America where the FL/VA ticekt will be good any road – PA)

  • There seems to be some disagreement as to whether or not HR822 will actually allow you to do that… Honestly, I do not know, not having taken the time to read the thing, but it might allow for specific/explicit bans against carrying?

  • NYC issues carry permits, just not many of them. My understanding is that if any permit holder native to the locality could carry there, a visitor could as well. Remember, if there are graduated licenses, the visitor has the least restrictions.