“I am not at all sorry to say this, Joan, but we will not be bullied into believing or supporting something which we know to be factually and demonstrably wrong. We will not be shamed into holding to something we can prove to be false. And it simply does not matter how many people say something should be a certain way - if they are wrong, they are wrong, and it is completely irrelevant how many they are.”
by Linoge


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words of one syllable

Well, I probably will not confine myself to just those, but I feel like I should. 

Apparently some of my more-irregular readers are too stupid to do some looking around before they open their mouths and prove themselves to be idiots.  However, for the record, the terms of use, commenting policy, disclosure policy, and contact methods are all available on the bar at the top of every single page and post at this website.  Additionally, pressing “Submit” on any comment constitutes an acceptance of and agreement to abide by and respect those terms of use, and specifically the commenting policy, of this webpage; if you do not so agree, please do not press “Submit”. 

Sorry for the brief detour, but apparently some folks needed it. 

6 comments to words of one syllable

  • Monte

    Dangit, now I’m going back and digging through comments, trying to find what you’re referring to. 😛

  • Do not bother – in accordance with that commenting policy, it was nuked :).

  • Monte

    I kinda figured, and it’s for the best. The train wreck-watching instinct isn’t really one I’m proud of. 😛

  • Dave H

    Please tell me nobody complained about their First Amendment rights being infringed!

    Because that would just be too depressing.

    BTW, hope you’re feeling better.

  • Patrick

    Get better bud.

  • @ Monte: Eh, in this particular case, the person in question knows they are a trainwreck and goes out of their way to do it anywise; in that case, I say watch – and laugh – all you like.

    @ Dave H: Not yet, but I am willing to bet they will once they get my email.

    Thanks! I was able to sleep through last night, so at least that was a start…

    @ Patrick: Thanks! Definitely working on it :).