president obama’s downgrade

I firmly believe (and the evidence indicates) that the current economic situation, and credit downgrade, are the product of years’ and years’ worth of effort by short-sighted morons on all sides of the aisles, but this graphic was just too damned funny not to share:


The not-really-"progressives" of our country were all about blaming President Bush for things that happened "on his watch", regardless of whether or not he had any direct control over the situation (for example, 9/11). Well, folks, the downgrade of America’s credit, the growth of unemployment, the intentional devaluation of the American Dollar, and all the rest of the fun side-effects of this depression/recession happened on President Barack Hussein Obama’s watch, and it is time for him to man up and take the responsibility for it… since it is painfully obvious those self-same "progressives" will not be logically consistent in this Presidential term.

‘Course, the One-Term, Part-Time President is too busy golfing and running late for press conferences he called, so I doubt he will find the time to be… Presidential.

(Found at Instapundit.)

2 thoughts on “president obama’s downgrade”

  1. But! But! But, it’s all Bushitler’s fault! And the Evil Tea Party! They did it! They shouldn’t have resisted Teh Won’s master plan to doom save the nation! [/sarc]

    He’s also too busy blaming everyone else for the downgrade to actually be Presidential.

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