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president obama’s downgrade

I firmly believe (and the evidence indicates) that the current economic situation, and credit downgrade, are the product of years’ and years’ worth of effort by short-sighted morons on all sides of the aisles, but this graphic was just too damned funny not to share:


The not-really-"progressives" of our country were all about blaming President Bush for things that happened "on his watch", regardless of whether or not he had any direct control over the situation (for example, 9/11). Well, folks, the downgrade of America’s credit, the growth of unemployment, the intentional devaluation of the American Dollar, and all the rest of the fun side-effects of this depression/recession happened on President Barack Hussein Obama’s watch, and it is time for him to man up and take the responsibility for it… since it is painfully obvious those self-same "progressives" will not be logically consistent in this Presidential term.

‘Course, the One-Term, Part-Time President is too busy golfing and running late for press conferences he called, so I doubt he will find the time to be… Presidential.

(Found at Instapundit.)

2 comments to president obama’s downgrade

  • But! But! But, it’s all Bushitler’s fault! And the Evil Tea Party! They did it! They shouldn’t have resisted Teh Won’s master plan to doom save the nation! [/sarc]

    He’s also too busy blaming everyone else for the downgrade to actually be Presidential.

  • Point.

    What happened to “The Buck Stops Here”? Someone needs to sneak that sign back into the right office…