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million-dollar question

Ok, maybe not, but it could be. 

Apparently my pictures of the Knoxville Standard Knitting Mill were a hit.  Go me. 

So do you want an actual copy of one of those (or any of my other pictures) to hang on a wall of your own?  Zazzle seems capable of generating 8”x10” to 24”x35” photo prints for between $3ish and $40ish respectively, and posters for between $10ish and $25ish, and CafePress can do posters between 11”x17” and 23”x35” for between $8ish and $20ish,  (each of those would have to bump a little for a bit of profit), but is it worth the time necessary to set up the shop to sell to you all?  And if so, what would you want? 

Hey, it is worth asking – and you might get something cool to hang on your wall! 

3 comments to million-dollar question

  • Patrick

    I think it’s a good idea. I really like #4 of the mill.

  • the Dude

    While I *do* think the pictures are cool, I’d say you need more pictures to make it worth the time spent setting up the shop. And I don’t mean of just the Mill- other places too, indoors and out.

  • @ Patrick: I will see what I can do…

    @ the Dude: Heh. I have somewhere north of 35,000 pictures on my computer (over 100GB worth) – I am not saying they are all good, but I can probably find a few.

    Oddly, not many interior shots… should work on that I guess.