“A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders.”
by Larry Elder




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examine their motivation

newtonefailA goodly number of my compatriots are justifiably annoyed at the second-in-line for the American throne Presidency referring to supporters of a more fiscally-sound budgetary policy as "terrorists", and I can certainly understand where they are coming from.

But, really, Vice-President Joe Biden saying something mind-numbingly idiotic is not much of a concern to me… after all, this is nothing new.

Instead, I am intrigued and – I will admit it – entertained by the sheer number of "progressives" / "liberals" / "left-wingers" who immediately latched onto the new term and gleefully flailed it about, completely and militantly ignorant of the cold reality that it is scant more than a wet noodle.

People trying to save our country’s economy and society from being buried under an obscene and constantly increasing amount of debt are hardly terrorists – we are not strapping explosives to ourselves and blowing ourselves up in crowded marketplaces, we are not driving planes into skyscrapers, we are not releasing clouds of toxins into subway systems, etc. etc. – so why have the left side of the political spectrum resorted to employing that term against us?

Simple: those employing the term are freely admitting that they have lost the debate.

Speciously calling someone a "terrorist" when they are anything but is not part of a rational conversation – it is nothing more than the brute-force application of emotion and hysteria in an attempt to forcibly silence the person you are targeting. In other words, those misappropriating the language in the current debt debate are attempting to poison the well by getting you to buy into the red herring of whether or not a person is or is not a "terrorist".

When someone is grabbing for logical fallacies that hard and fast, you have to wonder what they are trying to hide… in this case, it is fairly obvious – the Democrats did not get anywhere near what they wanted, despite Our Glorious President trying to bully everyone into shape, and they are afraid of what that means for the future. Oh, sure, no matter how much the Republicans might slap themselves on their back, this was not even close to a win for them either (as I hope they will discover the next time they are up for re-election), but one side walked out of this fight with a bloody nose, and one side walked out cheering.

And that scares the crap out of the "progressives".

Both major political parties in this country are driving us towards the same exact cliff, just at different speeds… But, right now, put aside the the righteous indignation that springs from being unjustly stuck with a label you do not deserve, and turn your attention towards why those people are flailing it about*, and rejoice in the knowledge that those "liberals" know they are failing, that they know the American people are getting tired of their failed policies, that they know we are getting more and more involved. That cliff is fairly inevitable at the moment, but maybe we can stave it off a bit longer yet, especially if those once at the helm succumb to self-induced hysteria.

Being idiotically called a "terrorist" for wanting to ensure our country’s continued solvency is not an attack, it is a gift, and one that Vice President Biden would be likely to regret in the future… if he had the capacity to identify his mistake.

(* – This is not to say that all of the blogs I linked to did not do this, but you know me… I have to say my piece.)

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6 comments to examine their motivation

  • My comments at the end of this post were directly geared towards abuse of the word “terrorist” we are now getting. I still haven’t been able to calm myself enough to effectively write about it.

    Not to mention I’m such a hard core terrorist I’m getting equipment together and checking all my safety gear to volunteer to help at a sporting event. What kind of gear you ask, radios for emergency communications and I’m breaking out my rescue diving equipment. If I was a terrorist, wouldn’t I rather just not help and leave people to die? I’m not even getting paid other than the donation of a camping spot to save me a commute.

    The best compliment I ever received was that I was an Eagle Scout both literally and metaphorically. I was the embodiment of many of the Rockwell paintings. Then people turn around and call me a terrorist because I don’t like people spending money recklessly that isn’t theirs to begin with.

    Fuck them and the horse they rode in on and how dare they call someone as giving as me a terrorist. Seriously knowing me and living withing 2 hours drive time (one way) is probably the best thing in the world. It means if you’re need help, I’ll be on my way, further out I may be rolling, or taking care of finding someone to help in proxy. On more than one occasion I have left to go help friends stranded on the side of the road, in the middle of the night, 2 hours away. Yet I’m the fucking terrorist.

    I’m going to just end this rant here, I think you get the point.

  • the Dude

    I love each and every one of these quotes. The irony is so stoopid, it burns.
    I agree, Mr. President, it should not. Now point the goddamn barrel somewhere else.
    Biden is a straight up dick who should be ignored. ‘Nuff said.
    I think Pelosi perfectly sums up everyone who still believes in her- ass backwards delusional.
    Hoyer’s quote might be prophecy, depending on the next few months/years.
    Schultz sums up the One’s administration quite well.
    Mr. Doyle, they have not prevented you from spending money. You’ve gone through it all already.
    Friedman is a journalist. Why is he on this list? His voice is as irrelevant as my BBQ farts, only it’s in print.
    Oh look, more journalists. Ignore.
    Video game reference? Well I’ll be. But I do think she got it wrong- she should have said “trolling”. That’s a better summary of all this asshatery.
    Another 2 journalists, one of which is invoking the children. Oh, so this is either a choice of… doing a drive-by, apparently, or protecting the children. Classy.

    Each and every one of these folks is a fool. I’m willing to bet my future retirement (wait a minute…) that not a single one of them has had a real, back bending , load carrying working job their whole life.

    On a side note, I like how all their pictures have a white glow around them. I’m sure it was done as an easy way to drop the graphics onto a solid background without showing off straight and rough edges, but the irony of their saintly appearances is not lost on me. Props to the guy who assembled this!

  • @ Barron Barnett: Oh, trust me, I get it. The only way I was able to write this post coherently and without a massive amount of four-letter words cluttering up the arena was by distancing myself from the situation and approaching it analytically.

    But even with that said and done, I gave up four years of my life so these halfwitted morons can sit back on their leather-upholstered thrones and call me a “terrorist”.

    Piss on them.

    But what we should be careful of is not giving them the satisfaction of that emotional response, appropriate though it may be; instead, we should take their spurious claims of “terrorism” for what they are – a gift, and an acknowledgement of their consummate failure.

    @ the Dude: I do believe you can thank this gentleman for that piece of awesomeness :).

  • I think part of the “problem” is that those in power are so used to the media carrying their water and covering for them that they don’t really pay attention when they’re shooting their mouths off.

    Thanks to the internet, though, they can’t hide their misanthropism as easily as before.

  • It is interesting how often that is holding true across the spectrum – politicians, anti-rights cultists, race-baiters, etc. They are so used to controlling the message (or having it controlled to their benefit), they have not yet adapted themselves to the new paradigm.

    All the better for us :).

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