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bullet carrying

So I have the Smith and Wesson 686SSR, I have the belt, I have a kickass holster (that I need to photograph and review in the near future), I have the starting loader and speedloaders*, and I even have the ammunition… what I do not have are holders for the speedloaders.

So, any suggestions for IDPA-legal speedloader holsters? On the one hand, I prefer the "belt-loop-behind-the-holder" style for speed/repeatability (rather than the thread-the-belt-through-the-bullets style, which is good for concealability and every-day carry), but things like this are not legal per the rulebook.

Basically, I am looking at having to go with a custom fabricator, but I was wondering if folks had any specific experiences or ideas.

And, yes, I know that practice/skill matters more than equipment, but given that IDPA does not allow me to carry my reloads in my pockets like I would normally, some basic level of accouterments is required. Now I just have to swallow my fashion sense and figure out how to abide by their "IT HAS TO BE CONCEALED!!!11!!" rule…

(* – Though it is worth noting that Five Star Firearm’s L-Frame Bedside Block does not appear compatible with Safariland Comp III Speedloaders. Neither I nor any of the folks at Coal Creek Armory could get them to work together, with either .38 or .357 ammunition. Guess I will need to snag one of these.) 

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  • David Rizzico

    I shot the same gun in NC IDPA for a year and tried blade techs holders where the belt goes through the middle. Avoid it like the plague. It cost me several procedurals along with wasted time when the bullets release as you reach for the speed loaders (I was using Safari Land Comp III’s). I had issues with my Safafiland holders for there loaders (maybe because of my weight and they might have been for II vs III’s) Believe it or not the best holders I’ve found was a cheap generic double mag pouch for double stack magazines I cut the Velcro flap off the holder and took tissue and filled the bottom of the pouch enough to raise the holders so that they did not come out and were still easy to get out when reloading on the clock. Total cost of the mag pouch zero they were sent to me by Cheaper then dirt one time when I order something from them. Didn’t even expect it from them which made it even better.

    Good luck


  • I’ve shot revolver in IDPA and I did not like velcro at all. I’ve had it recatch a few times. Snaps closure is much better. Once open, they stay open. The rules my club went by were two speedloaders in pouches and one in the left pocket. My stuff all fits HKS speedloaders. Not sure on the safarilands though. You might want to look at http://www.retro-tactical.com/ They do some neat custom work and actually specialize in doing tactical gear for less modern firearms. They do a belt pouch and MOLLE speedloader pouches for N-frames with a variety of closures. I’m certain a custom job for your L frame loaders would be child’s play for them.

  • David Rizzico

    Roadkill wrote:

    I’ve shot revolver in IDPA and I did not like velcro at all. I’ve had it recatch a few times. ….

    Which is why I cut the Velcro flaps off. With Comp III or Jet Loaders (similar to Comp III loaders but without the shroud covering the spring.) Using the soft sided mag holders actually works as a clasp. The very fact that it tends to slightly collapse (but not in a bad way) works for you to keep the holders in place. BTW I highly recommend the Jet loaders the exposed spring makes for a positive grip. You can convert Comp III to Jet loader types by removing the spring shroud. Another tip which a couple of friends of mine have done is to modify the holder portion of the loaders. They have sawed off a little part of the holder so that bullets release faster It’s called Bubberisng here is a link to a PDF file on how to do it.


    Another trick someone showed me is to take a small screw and place it in the center hole of the loader so that it contacts the Extractor Assembly quicker.



  • @ David Rizzico: Ooh… I had not even thought about the speedloader activating while it was in the holder, but given that they are triggered by that little stub that pops up between the rounds, that would make perfect sense. Yeah, avoiding those.

    I will take the loaders to the next gunshow I attend, and see if I can track down anything equivalent to what you are describing…

    And I am definitely more of a fan of the screw than the cutting… ‘Course, I have hardly gotten used to them as they are right now, so I certainly am not going to execute any drastic, permanent changes to them until I am :).

    @ Roadkill: Thanks for the recommendation – I will get in touch with them and see what they can swing :).

  • David Rizzico

    Compare prices if they have one around $7.00 try it. Cheaper then dirt has:

    Bulldog Cases Double Magazine Pouch Hook-and-Loop Close Black item number 55088 for 6.99 plus shipping.


  • ZK

    Ken speaks the truth. CompTac and Ready Tactical are the best, by far.

    Also, reloading from your pocket is perfectly legal in IDPA, so long as you do it the whole match. Who told you that you couldn’t? You can.

  • @ David Rizzico: Good to know, thanks :).

    @ Ken Rihanek: Did not read the fine print on the CompTac ones, did you? 😉 Apparently they believe only one revolver in the world exists… do they do custom orders?

    Had not heard of ReadyTac, but they seem to make exactly what I was looking for. Any experience with them?

    @ ZK: An RO at a previous match told me that, but checking the rulebook, it would appear as though they were wrong. Interesting…

  • I’ve used North Mountain products for some time now in USPSA, ICORE, and IDPA. Their stuff is extremely popular in ICORE and USPSA, and they’ve now added an IDPA legal speedloader holder to their product line. http://4wheelguns.com/IDPACompliant.html The nice thing about the 4Wheelguns holders is that they use a Tec-lok to secure the holder to the belt instead of a molded clip. I’ve broken the molded clips off the back of a couple of ready-tac loaders, hence my preference for the Tec-lok.

  • Thanks for the recommendation… I will look into them.