world net daily violates intellectual property rights?

As my previous posts might have indicated to observant readers, I am basically using pre-written canned posts from a few weeks/days ago to make up for the lack of time I have to write while the kittens are getting settled in to our house, and our house is getting settled in to having kittens.  In short, I have really been sucking at keeping up with the constantly-changing, dynamic world of gunblogger news and stories.  Such is life.  However, I will take a few minutes today to write up this story… 

A few days ago, in response to the ongoing Gunwalker disaster/fiasco/investigation, Sean Sorrentino made the comment, “Am I the only person on the planet that didn’t get guns from the ATF?”  Unsurprisingly, a snarky comment like that got immediate attention/appreciation in the gunblogosphere, and with the assistance of Robb’s inimitable graphics design skillz, Sean was able to announce that people could buy the Gunwalker T-Shirt through him (he is going to use a local establishment to print them up). 

All good and shiny, right?  Well, it was, until World Net Daily caught wind of what was going on.  What did they do?  Link to Sean to rightfully give him some traffic in support of an original and imaginative piece of intellectual property? 

Nope.  Instead, World Net Daily blatantly stole Sean’s idea, and is now selling their own “version” through their own private store, without even a mention of Sean as the originator. 

Now maybe this is all just some kind of big misunderstanding, and WND did not mean to come off looking like they had no respect for other people’s property rights and were simply stealing ideas they thought would sell.  Maybe an apology is forthcoming.  And maybe the person with the keys to the WND store should not have the keys to the WND store. 

But, no matter how you cut it, that is a pretty damned low thing to do, especially when that particular online publication is supposedly as pro-rights as Sean and the rest of the gunbloggers out there are.  But I guess WND is not that pro-rights when profits are on the line, eh? 

1330 UPDATEWorld Net Daily does the right thing

UPDATE: After emailed conversation with WND Editor Joseph Farah, they have pulled the shirt from their e-store! He has given me his personal assurance that a full investigation will commence as soon as everyone gets back to the office on Monday!

Mr. Farah, I want to thank you for your quick response to this situation and I look forward to discussing this with you on Monday. It is clear from your swift handling of this that you are committed to honest dealings and I applaud you for it.

Due to the nature of the Internet, a post once published can never really go away. I have retained the post below for you to read, but be assured that Mr. Farah has handled this already and no further emails to him are necessary, unless you wish to email him with your thanks for his proper handling of it.

Good to hear that not only has the product been pulled, but that there will also be an investigation into who put it up in the first place. 

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  1. UPDATE: WND DOES THE RIGHT THING! After a quick email conversation with WND Editor Joseph Farah, he has pulled the shirt from sale and will commence an investigation on Monday when everyone gets back to the office.

    Please join me in thanking the WND Editor and CEO for his swift resolution of this issue. Read the update on this post!

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