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i would be worried

… if I were them. But if I were them, I never would have partaken in an operation that resulted in thousands of untrackable firearms being smuggled across the border into Mexico with full governmental approval, and I would thus never have been an accessory-before-the-fact to countless murders in both countries, and would not have the Mexican government calling for my extradition and trial:

While the investigation continues into the U.S. operation that helped send thousands of guns south of the border, Mexican lawmakers say they’ll press for extradition and prosecution in Mexico of American officials who authorized and ran the operation.

"I obviously feel violated. I feel my country’s sovereignty was violated," Mexico Sen. Rene Arce Islas told Fox News. "They should be tried in the United States and the Mexican government should also demand that they also be tried in Mexico since the incidents took place here. There should be trials in both places."


"I think we should at least try to prove that what happened in Mexico must be sanctioned by Mexican laws and under our sovereignty," Creel told us. "What can’t happen is that this now ends on an administrative sanction, or a resignation. No, no, no. Human lives were lost here. A decision was made to carry out an operation that brought very high risk to human lives."

Honestly, I wish the Mexican government the very best of luck for exactly the reasons they mention – crimes, in America and Mexico alike, were committed, aided, and facilitated by the actions of BATFE agents, representatives, and managers who should be brought to justice for their illegal and unlawful actions. Obviously, we cannot reasonably try someone for crimes they committed in another country, so permitting the Mexican government to have their fair crack at those individuals responsible for the gunwalking only seems like an equitable solution.

Do I think the State Department is going to sign those scumbags over to the tender mercies of the Mexican penal system? Probably not. But it is one hell of a pendulum to hang over their heads to… encourage… their cooperation. That is, of course, assuming that anyone in our government gives a damn about the BATFE apparently aiding and abetting criminal organizations on both sides of the border…

5 comments to i would be worried

  • Prepare for calls to crucify the dealers the atf forced into selling guns to suspicious persons.

  • Art

    … BATFE apparently aiding and abetting criminal organizations …
    Ummmm, current testimony would indicate the BATFE IS an international criminal organization.

  • Let’s send them Holder and Melson to prosecute.

  • Wonder if Mexico will try them in absentia?

  • @ bluesun: Unfortunately, I would venture to say that you are absolutely correct. Those dealers only saving grace is that most of them have records of objecting to the BATFE’s requests to allow the straw purchases, and that is probably the only reason we have not seen their proverbial heads on the proverbial chopping block yet.

    @ Art: ‘Tis / may be true, but they are still helping other ones, regardless.

    @ BobG: No disagreements from me.

    @ Ian Argent: Hm. It would not surprise me if that tin-pot little country went to those kinds of lengths (or has done so in the past), but the really interesting question is, “Would Mexico come and get them if they were found guilty?”