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how to create “gun control”

A few years back, Our Glorious President’s original chief of staff said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” 

I guess that includes crises that the administration creates itself: 


For clarification, Mark Chalt is the Assistant Director for Field Operations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, with “F & F” obviously being shorthand for Operation Fast and Furious. 

So, basically, the BATFE created Gunwalker / Gunrunner / Operation Fast and Furious to provide them leverage / an excuse to lobby for, and illegally enact, the White House Gun Control Initiative of 2011

Does anyone see a problem with this situation?  The BATFE literally pursued a course of action that resulted in the deaths of a yet-uncounted number of American and Mexican citizens, all in the name of enacting more legislation to infringe on and control the Constitutionally-protected, Supreme-Court-upheld, individual rights of Americans. 

That is inherently disgusting, and damned well should be a criminal offense. 

(Courtesy of No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money and Bob’s Gun Counter.) 

7 comments to how to create “gun control”

  • Since F&F involved perpetrating an unauthorized act of war against an allied power, I wonder if the people behind it could be charged with treason?

    That could make the 2012 elections, really interesting.

  • Not that interesting – one of the prime contenders would be in jail! 😉

    (Where he should rightly be, if he had any knowledge of this program going on, along with all of the other players…)

  • […] to really post on anything else today.  That rage was peaked again last night by Linoge with his posting of an internal ATF letter.  That letter proves that my gut instinct regarding this incident has been correct from the […]

  • Art

    I’m sure enough firewalls were in place to ensure BHO “plausable deniability”. Remember the POTUS that first used that phrase? Yes boys and girls, Ronald Ray-Gun.
    2012 elections will be “interestin'” fo’ sho’ … remember that it’s (the election) just entertainment, ladies and gentlemen. Red Team, Blue Team are bought and sold. Independent candidates can be filed under “yet to be bought”. The system is rigged.

    Just for grins ‘n giggles it’d be fun to see a congressional panel do the full Monty… televised-hearings-colonoscopy-leading-to-Holder-impeachment. That’d be fun. Yeah. I’d like that.

  • Oh, no doubt – the Democrats and Republicans are all taking this country in the same direction; the only difference between them is the speed at which they are doing so.

    Still, of all the situations wherein justice should be dispensed with “removal from office” and “indeterminate stay at Club Fed”, this one should definitely be followed through on.

  • Tac

    Term limits would solve at least 90% of these issues. It is the life long, career elected officials who give the rest of these appointed Bureaucrats a sence of political invincibility. Shorten the term and shorten the leash.

    The BATFE has long outlived it’s usefullness if it was ever benefiscial to begin with. Repeal the NFA firearms act of 1934 (Odd that Hitler did something similar around the same time). Repeal tha 1986 laws. Overturn BATFE policy. That’s one part of righting this country. Only one part.


  • I would just be happy with governmental agencies being stripped of the ability to enforce rule changes with the weight of law… Things that change the law should be held to the same standards and requirements of every other law-changing action out there – namely, voting on by the two houses of government, and a Presidential signature.

    This would, predictably enough, lock up the government solid, but that would just be a happy side-effect :).