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By now I am sure you are all familiar with the concept of Groupon and Living Social and the like… Well, it would appear as though someone took the idea and applied it to the firearm community, in the form of GearHog, and today they are offering $100 gift certificates at USAAmmo.com.

We have had nothing but good luck with the bulk-deal websites we have used, with the results ranging from trying new restaurants we might not have otherwise to making Better Half’s recent trip to the Pacific NorthWet significantly cheaper and more interesting. The backend for this particular one is handled by Chompon, which seems to be carving out a niche in the niche-group-buying world, recursively enough.

And, really, 50% off ammunition – even factory reloads – is a hell of a deal these days… It makes .38 Special, 158gr, Flat Point Full Metal Jacket rounds all of $0.15 a bang (for 500 rounds), shipped to your door, which is a full $0.10 cheaper a round than I could find on AmmoEngine.

So, yeah, I have mine… how about you?

(Note: Links to Groupon, Living Social, and GearHog in this post will make me money if you buy things through them. So buy things! However, contrary to the FTC’s assumption of guilt regarding bloggers, they did not directly pay me anything to write this post.)

5 comments to gearhog

  • Lynn H

    Got mine (both the Brownell’s and USAAmmo)!

    If they keep offering these kinds of deals, we’ll have to start a GearHog’s Anonymous group.

  • Steve in TN

    Shoot reloads from someone you don’t know? Ok.

  • @ Lynn H: Me too! At the rate they are going, they are going to seize a significant portion of my income…

    @ Steve in TN: Ayup. Georgia Arms and USAAmmo both. Something tells me that if a round of those folks’ ammunition went wrong, they would pretty much have the world to lose…

  • I bought two, and used one today to order 500 rounds of 9mm new ammo. I did a review of this ammo on my blog (http://fillyerhands.blogspot.com/2011/06/ammo-review-usa-ammo-9mm-115gr-fmj.html) and I found it to be reliable, clean-shooting, and gave me no problems.

  • Sounds about like my experiences with Georgia Arms…

    The truth is that not all reloads are inherently evil. Given the upfront costs of opening your own reloading business, they really do not want to alienate their entire customer base by exploding someone’s gun. Jim Bob down the street, however? Could not care less…