“While your character may come under scrutiny during a trial the key element is this regardless of your level of saint or sinner-hood. If you are attacked you have the right to defend yourself by any means necessary to preserve your life.”
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csgv forgot to pay the bills

To keep up with the “maybe I should write new posts today” theme, does everyone remember how Ladd Everitt got the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Twitter feed shut down for harassing, bullying, abusing, trying to intimidate, and “outing” pro-rights webloggers?  That was a pretty impressive display of incompetence, right? 

Well, how incompetent would you have to be to allow the domain registration for the CSGV’s webpage to expire?  Pretty damned incompetent


Here the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership claims to be a “national, non-profit gun control advocacy organization” in charge of somewhere around 48 other, similar organizations, and they cannot even maintain their own webpage? 

How pathetic is that“Irrelevant” just became an understatement for the CSGV!

I mean, seriously, DreamHost lets me set up an automatic, recurring charge to my credit card so I do not have to worry about this kind of thing ever happening, and I am quite sure GoDaddy has the same functionality… and yet the halfwitted bigots in charge of CSGV cannot even figure that out?  And other anti-rights bigots trust these people with their money? 

With opponents as clueless as this, it is no wonder the pro-rights cause is steadily advancing across the country! 

9 comments to csgv forgot to pay the bills

  • Jdberger

    So why haven’t you bought the site, yet?

  • As the webmaster for my office’s website, I can say for certain that GoDaddy does have that functionality. In fact, I believe that’s the default, but I’m not 100% sure about that. I know we have it set up that way, and that they send you an email if your credit card is going to expire before your renewal is due.

  • A WHOIS suggests that they were set to auto-renew. Must be the card expired or was declined.

    I already tried to buy it; it won’t let me. Yet. 🙂

  • Yeah I tried too. If anyone does get ahold of that domain, would anyone hereabouts be able to help “do it up right”?

  • @ Jdberger: Did not have the necessary credentials to log into their account… Seems GoDaddy allows for some kind of grace period between “expiration” and “up for grabs”.

    @ Jake: Dreamhost does the same with the emails… Seems their Communications Director *cough*LaddEveritt*cough* is falling down on his job. I wonder why they keep him around?

    @ ZerCool: Like Jake said, expired should have been noticed and commented on by the hosting company, but declined… that would be high-larious!

    @ LC Scotty: Unfortunately, Sean indicates that they were able to renew the domain, but we know what day to look out for next time, since they only renewed it for a year, and the CSGV apparently has no money to pay again!

  • Talk about not being masters of their domain…. 😉

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  • Patrick

    I would be dishonest if I didn’t say that this made my day… even if they did get it back up.

    The fact that he still has a job boggles my mind. Pro-criminals apparently enjoy incompetence.

  • Heh – the Joyce foundation cancelled their credit card and didn’t tell them? Got tired of paying for hookers and blow and not seeing any return on the investment.