Bugging Out

I went to this meeting last night. You need to go watch the short video. If the city posts the full meeting somewhere I’ll pull excerpts later.

Now, this meeting was advertised as “the first step to improving relations, building trust and to begin working together for a brighter La Vergne.” What we got was much, much different.

The Mayor used the meeting as a forum to lecture us, the citizens, on how awful we are for opposing tax increases. She made it VERY clear she views the issue as City Employees vs Citizens, and that she is on the side of the employees. We are just a source of revenue.

Every time she had an opportunity to do so, the Mayor repeatedly made personal attacks against citizens who were speaking against the tax increases. Uniformed police officers, firefighters, and other city employees began shouting down citizens at the microphone about 30 minutes in to the meeting. At one point, I heard a city employee yell something to the effect of “you better move out of town, or your house might catch fire.” In the video above, you can see a large man from a volunteer organization run by the mayor physically intimidate a small woman speaking about the increases.

Those increases, by the way, have already passed over strong objections and there is basically nothing we can do about them until probably 2014. *cough* Obamacare *cough*

I went to the meeting thinking we had a leadership problem, but left the meeting worrying that some of the speakers are going to be harrassed. I now fear the city employees, which I suspect was the point. When uniformed police join in, it adds an entirely new dimension.

For federal tax purposes, I have 18 months before I can move. I now plan on doing so rather than stay and try to change things. I’m not invested enough in the community to put my physical safety at risk.

I am shocked and appalled by what I saw last night. Disgusted might be more applicable.

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  1. Ayup, that would be me, bugging right the frak out.

    The second city officials start making mobland-style threats against the public infull view of cameras they know are recording, that is the second they have publicly acknowledged that they are no longer duly-elected representatives, but are instead your overlords.

    And we used extreme, though judicious, force to expunge overlords from our country a while back…

  2. I see feudalism is alive and well. I’m astounded that they’re making threats in public like this. Between this and the Canton PD incident, I’m really wondering where it will lead.

  3. Never a good sign when you see city employees at political events in uniform… that’s usually frowned upon.

  4. I hope someone with both the financial and testicular fortitude to do so comes forward to use this during the next election cycle to “Vote the Bastards Out”.

  5. It boils down to this. Driver wasn’t allowed to disclose, and had MULTIPLE civil rights violations in the process including illegal search and seizure. The cop was not only unprofessional, but based on his behavior is guilty of assault AND aggrivated assault. Upon “discovery” of the weapon he made the other two subjects leave. Oddly enough, the guy he told to leave gave him a false name. Long after he was gone, dispatch told him that there was “no Jerry Gordon with that date of birth in the system”. So in short, they rousted the innocent guy, let the wrong guy go (Criminal Impersonation) who may have had a warrant on him, hence the false name, and then committed numerous criminal acts against the driver.

    This is a prime example of why I turned in my badge. Granted, most cops (90%) are fine, but I could no longer stand by and watch the other 10% go unpunished. The driver deserves to have BOTH cop’s badges for Christmas tree ornaments. That’s right. The other cop was the one who conducted the illegal search and was complicit in regards to the other cop’s actions by not stopping those actions. If I recall correctly Criminal court calls it accessory during and after the fact and Civil court calls it vicarious liability.

    An absolute travesty. Period.


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  7. I think I can support the petition to revoke the city charter. If you’re going to threaten your own citizens like that, you need to be on your ass.

    Guess I feel a little bit better about living about a mile on the other side of the county line now.

  8. Would contacting the state bureau of investigation, whatever it’s called there, for an investigation possibly help? Considering the level of crap you’re describing- especially uniformed cops taking place- I’d think this bears investigation.

  9. This is one of the reasons that the new Florida(?) law that provides INDIVIDUAL liability for officials who violate state law, and forbids taxpayer funds from being spent to defend them, is such a REVOLUTIONARY step.

    If the mayor, and the cops, and the firefighters, and the councilmen, had to pay for their own defense, they wouldn’t be so quick to intimidate, browbeat, lie, cheat, steal, or do any of the other things that the overlord class does on a regular basis. I hope that somebody has videotape on this incident. It would be even more worthwhile to sue them for their behavior, just to bleed them a little – or a lot.

    It sounds like you have reached the point where the government starts to look like organized crime; they may have different vocabularies, but the attitude is the same. They need to be dealt with in the same way, and that often requires legal and extra-legal methods to be applied in creative ways.

    Sociopaths are about 4% of the population, and they don’t all become ax-murderers – sometimes they run for office, and are charming enough to win. Sometimes they are the local boss. They tend to gravitate to positions where empathy is not a job asset – Soldier, sniper, or manager, for instance. They need to be removed from any position where they can harm anyone, because they literally don’t care what happens to anyone but themselves.

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  11. @ Tac:
    Tac wrote:

    Granted, most cops (90%) are fine, but I could no longer stand by and watch the other 10% go unpunished.

    If 90% are standing around watching those 10% violate every civil right ever defined and not doing a cursed thing about it, then they’re not fine, are they?

  12. After over 20 years there, I can’t believe that I like the fact that I moved back to Nashville.

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