the idea is catching on

Regular readers will be familiar with my belief that pretty pictures can make otherwise-complicated concepts easier to understand, and, thankfully, a lot of people are getting the chance to see why. However, I am always open to suggestions or new interpretations, and while I do not always have the chance to generate them on my own (speaking of, does anyone know when the CDC will be providing the 2008 fatal injury data?), I can definitely find the time to post up what other people have come up with.

To quote Justin, the originator of the below graphic:

I’ve taken your graphic and done a slight modification to it. I created an alternating 4×4 pixel pattern and used it as the fill on this image. That way you can zoom in to all of the individual pixels, getting an even better idea of the scale of the numbers involved.


(Be advised, the linked-to image is somewhat on the "beefy" side.)

I confess to not being able to get the alternating-pixel-pattern to work on my computer, but that is probably due to some shortcoming with IE, or some complication of the massive image involved. If it does work for you, however, it should illustrate, even better, how massively law-abiding and safe the average firearm owner is, and how incomprehensibly absurd it is to regulate the actions of all those millions of American citizens in some misguided attempt to impact those thousands of criminals.

Among the other things the hoplophobes of America simply do not understand, it would appear they also do not grasp the concept of "scale".

3 thoughts on “the idea is catching on”

  1. But if it saves ONE “childrenz”!

    It’s okay to trample of the rights of millions upon millions of law-abiding citizens because their desired restrictions will absolutely stop “gun deaths”…no, wait for it…they won’t. Criminals will still get guns or will use knives and innocents will die.

  2. @ Eseell: Good. Then it is just me :).

    @ Braden Lynch: Sarcasm or no, that really is the mentality of the average anti-rights cultist… if it saves so much as one life, any and all abridgements of personal rights/liberties/freedoms are acceptable. Of course, they patently refuse to look at that equation from the other side, wherein private ownership of firearms demonstrably does save lives…

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