“Habah l'hargecha hashkem l'hargo.
(If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first.)”
by Deuteronomy 22:26




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gunwalker keeps on truckin’

I fully admit to being somewhat negligent in my tracking of the series of illegal and illicit gun trafficking incidents perpetrated by the BATFE (otherwise known as "Gunwalker", "Gunrunner", or "Operation Fast and Furious" (of all the idiotic names they could have chosen…)); however, other folks have not been so behind the curve: Traction Control provides a great recap, Of Arms and the Law has some more information, and, oh look, gunwalked firearms are showing up at American crime scenes.

Me, I continue to be flat-out disgusted (but not surprised) at the duplicity and hypocrisy being exposed by the anti-rights cultists of America. They have been harping on the "90%" myth for years now, speciously trying (and failing) to pin Mexico’s firearm-related crime on law-abiding, gun-show-attending/running Americans; but when evidence starts surfacing that it was actually the people who were supposed to be enforcing the laws that were doing the smuggling (specifically, the BATFE)… well, those self-same anti-rights cultists are, at best, keeping silent, and, at worst, lobbying for that law-breaking governmental organization to get more power. ‘Cause that makes sense.

As we pro-rights activists have always suspected, "gun control" was never about reducing "gun violence", and it was never really about the firearms either… it was always about control, and the anti-rights cultists are going to find any way possible to exploit this situation – again, a situation crafted by those who were supposed to be enforcing the laws, not breaking them – in order to expand our government’s control.

Hell with that.

And just because I am in full linky-no-thinky mode, here are some other priceless perspectives on Gunwalker:




8 comments to gunwalker keeps on truckin’

  • Mike Vanderboegh

    Don’t choke to death on Gunwalker, Linoge. I want you to be around for the denouement. Not bad for a couple of guys who “scare the white people,” huh?

  • @ Mike Vanderboegh: Blind squirrel. Nut. Etc.

    Who is choking, aside from you on your own ego? I appreciate everything you have done in regards to Gunwalker; however, that does not change the fact that you are an incorrigible, hypocritical blowhard with delusions of grandeur who is desperate for the chance to be a martyr but too spineless to make it happen. Call me when you start living up to your own hype – there is no need to rehash your idiocy.

  • Mike Vanderboegh

    “Spineless?” I hear you ran away from me at the NRA convention press room before I could say hello. Or was that Sebastian? Six of one, half dozen of the other. Check out this month’s Soldier of Fortune magazine. I suppose my “ego” extends to David Codrea, too? We did it together, you know. What a pitiful little boy you are. Can’t even admit you were wrong.

  • Strange. I do not recall being at the NRA convention. Oh, that is because I was not. What was that about being wrong?

    And what about “I appreciate everything you have done in regards to Gunwalker…” is so incomprehensible to you? I tried to use very short words, but I guess four syllables is just too much for you?

  • Mike Vanderboegh

    So, I said it might have been Sebastian. And it is six of one, half dozen of the other. Personally, I can’t tell the two of you boneless chickens apart. And keep your insincere “appreciation.” Doers do. Prags cower. And it ain’t ego or bragging if you can do it.

    Actually, the thing that bugs me the most about you prags and Gunwalker has nothing to do with me. When you get around to linking to stories, you never give David a damn bit of credit, even if he is the originator of the story. Hell, I’m used to being scorned and ignored, but Codrea doesn’t deserve your penny ante bullshit. We dragged the NRA kicking and screaming to this story, and the SOBs won’t even interview him on their chickenshit little media empire.

    You pansies deserve every bit scorn we heap on you.

  • As I very clearly stated in my initial comment, Mike, we do not need to rehash your idiocy. If you cannot keep a civil tongue in your head, and if you cannot be gracious enough to accept very clear thanks that you have twice now scorned, I simply have no use you commenting here at all, and I will follow the lead of your apparent hero and ban you as he did me.

    That said, you cannot do squat, and apart from Gunwalker, you have done squat. The times you “threepers” have failed to live up to your self-appointed glorificousness would require more space to document than the Constitution, including all of its associated Amendments. Yes, you succeeded in this specific instance, but if you honestly believe that one victory is going to excuse years of patent nonsense, you are even stupider than you look.

  • pdb

    And I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if tens of threepers jumped off their couch in a rage, and promptly sat down again, gasping for breath.

  • *snerk* Well, in that regard, they are behaving much like they have in the past, on every other issue they swore to take a stand upon…