they did this to themselves

… But I am proud to have been the one to stand up and point it out. 

CSGV got themselves suspended from Twitter

CSGV broke Twitter's rules

[2330 18MAY11 Update]

Since it has come to my attention that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has seen fit to further viciously and maliciously lie about my behavior in this incident on their Facebook page, I thought I would set the record straight.  Below is a screencap of the email I sent Twitter: 

CSGV lied about my behavior

1.  I did not say anything false in my report to Twitter. 
2.  I did not even request that their account be suspended – the Twitter Trust and Safety folks decided that on their lonesome. 
3.  I did not claim that the CSGV “filed confidential private information about” me – Personally Identifiable Information (PII) does not have to be “confidential” to be a problem.   
4.  I spoke honestly.  I firmly believe that the behavior exhibited by the CSGV Twitter account is harassment, is an attempt at blatant mobland-style intimidation, and is outside the scope of what could be considered reasonable, polite, or even rational conversation. 

Unfortunately, though, the CSGV has decided that this situation is worth continuing to personally attack me over, and they have simply moved their blatant fabrications to Facebook, since Twitter is currently unavailable to them.  I have reported their Facebook page for harassment, posting personal information, and attempts at intimidation as well, though I have not heard anything back concerning that yet. 

And now you know how easy it is to catch the CSGV in a lie


[1617 19MAY11 Update]

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to update this post, but in order to combat CSGV’s seeming non-stop claims of “fraudulent” reporting to Twitter, I give you this comment written by Dylan Baxter and posted to their Facebook page.  Obviously, this comment was deleted by them shortly after he posted it, but Sebastian saved it, and I will retype it below: 

Folks, please read the blog post that has been linked.  Twitter reviews each claim of terms of service violations, and will only suspend an account if they determine a violation has occurred.  There is a vetting process in order to keep people from filing false claims of abuse.  If someone lies, the account is not suspended.  Be sure to read the e-mail from twitter where they verify that the tweets were indeed in violation of the TOS.  As my first, and most definitely my last [comment] before it being deleted and my account blocked from this page, all I ask is that folks look at the facts.  The fact is this: false claims of abuse are ignores by twitter, and only when the claims are based in fact will the account be suspended.

As I said, that comment was deleted by the CSGV – I guess the truth is just too painful for them to accept. 

However, again, you may read the email I sent Twitter above; I did not “fraudulently” do anything, I did not say anything “false”, and I did not request that the CSGV Twitter account be suspended… hell, I did not even request that the tweets I pointed out actually be deleted – I rather thought the Twitter folks would just edit them.  The Twitter Trust and Safety employees decided to suspend the CSGV’s account themselves – I had no say in that matter whatsoever – and I can only make wild-arsed guesses as to their reasons for doing so (however, the words “harassment”, “abuse”, “bullying”, and “personally identifiable information” would probably show up in those guesses). 

At this point, for me, the situation is over.  The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence violated the rules / terms of use at Twitter, and the staff of Twitter meted out what they considered to be appropriate punishment.  Through the course of those rule violations, the CSGV has adequately demonstrated their childish, irrational belief that disagreeing with them means, in their minds, that you are volunteering yourself for apparent non-stop harassment, abuse, attempts at intimidation, and other tremendously reprehensible behavior.  This is not the case. 

However, to better protect my family and myself from their escalating, increasingly concerning personal attacks, I will be pretty much ignoring the CSGV from this point on – I have blocked them on Twitter (Trust and Safety’s first recommendation for dealing with bullies), and will no longer be paying attention to their various other sites.  If they make the news in an article or weblog post I would have otherwise written about, I will, of course, write whatever is on my mind, but, from experience, Joe is absolutely right when he wrote, "CSGV is having a powerful impact? It’s more like they are being made fun of as the village idiot." and I have documented why, but, as we have discovered, they are a particularly deranged and arguably dangerous village idiot, and it is best to quietly back away from those. 


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  1. I’m currently sitting at work so twitter is blocked, but if this is true, I’m cracking a beer when I get home.

    In the words of Bill Engvall, “Now That’s Awesome!”

  2. Now if only their accounts were perma-banned for being an anti-rights hate group.

    I suppose the CSGV falls on about the same level as the KKK, and the Klan apparently has a Twitter feed.

  3. Excellent news, but I really am concerned they’re capable of far worse than just publishing info.

  4. @ Weer’d Beard: As the title indicates, they have no one to blame for this but themselves – they knowingly and intentionally violated the terms of use set forth by Twitter, and Twitter responded in the appropriate fashion. “If A then B” could not get any simpler…

    @ wfgodbold: Indeed!

    @ bluesun: Made a nice cap for mine as well :).

    @ Barron Barnett: Still seems to be true as we type, but Twitter seemed to indicate that CSGV could have their account back if they wanted to. Not sure how that is going to work, but, then, I try to abide by the rules of the webpages I frequent.

    @ Adam: Wow. The KKK does indeed have a Twitter account – not a terribly active one, but it exists. Yeah, if Twitter is going to let them have an account (so long as they otherwise abide by the rules), then I do not see them kicking off the CSGV just on GP.

    Now, if they continue to flagrantly flout the rules…

    @ kaveman: You and me both. The behavior of the CSGV Twitter account indicate a rather disturbing level of disregard for the safety and sanctity of human life, especially if those lives happen to disagree with that organization.

    I will, of course, be particularly cautious over the next few weeks… I would not put it past certain members of that organization, or its support group, taking this well-deserved punishment rather… personally.

    @ Sean D Sorrentino: Indeed.

  5. Here’s my take on the Coalition to Enable Criminal Violence finding its corporate Twitter account suspended (with apologies to Dorothy Parker):

    Oh, outing gun bloggers is our favored song,
    Indeed, it’s our group’s common mania!
    For posting on Twitter can never go wrong:
    And I am Marie of Roumania.

  6. If A then B…..

    Yeah, but if they could understand that kind of logic they would be on our side instead.

  7. Have you noticed the blogger-page they linked? It sounds like you’re being impersonated there, too.

  8. The best part is they claim you filed a frivolous complaint, yet link to this post which has all the proof anybody needs to contradict that claim. It’s like saying “Hey, look at this, I’m lying!”

  9. @ AuricTech:
    Whatever they are, they are standing in a bucket of rancid “fail”…

    @ GuardDuck:
    True enough… Still, this ain’t complicated!

    @ Jake:
    I was not really expecting them to, I was simply attempting to make the point that if they cross the lines, there are consequences. They broke Twitter’s rules, I pointed that out to Twitter, Twitter meted out the punishment they felt appropriate. Even if negative reinforcement does not work, they still did something wrong, and that should be identified.

    @ FatWhiteMan:
    I can live with that :).

    @ dustydog:
    Their Facebook page still exists, no worries – I shall not link to it, but you will find it if you search for their full name in Facebook.

    And given how their Twitter account has been hijacked by a vicious, bullying, harassing, abusing, borderline-violent bigot over the past month with nary a hand-slap from the higher-ups, do you really think they care about “influencing public opinion”… at least in a positive manner?

    @ ZK:
    Yeah… Weer’d beat me to it, but that is a product of everyone’s favorite cyberstalker, JadeGold. I have filed complaints with Google that have been completely ignored. *shrug* He gets off on “outing” people, and gets so very pissed when we ignore him.

    So I ignore him. 🙂

    @ Weer’d Beard:
    I do not think he got evicted, but rather got bored when he realized he was not going to get a rise out of me. Pathetic little man…

    @ DirtCrashr: Thanks!

    @ ddbaxte: Yeah, that part confuses the hell out of me… “Here, we are going to craft complete fabrications out of whole cloth, and then point you towards the webpage that shows we are lying through our teeth.”

    Uh, guys?

    To be fair, the letter to Twitter I screencapped above was put up in response to their initial volley of lies, but I know, for a fact, that they have seen this page since I changed it, and they have not altered or retracted their lies. Go figure.

  10. Sorry but you are wrong not to post the personal information of these people because it is that anonymity which gives them power and since they don’t honor the same principles, ties our hands behind our backs.

    These people have no accountability, publishing their information provides that and keeps everyone quite civil because there are consequences to incivility, which most of them are not willing to pay. This is why they are so bold and have so much power compared to their actual numbers.

  11. Well done. Very well done.

    When I see something like this happen, I try to think “How peeved would I be if this was a win for the anti-gunners?”

    When I imagine that feeling, it gives me joy that Ladd is feeling it right now.

  12. @ doba: Except Ladd Everitt and Joshua Horwitz and Joan Peterson and all the rest of them are far from anonymous… With a scant five minutes of searching, you can pull up information on their significant others (if any), address of their residence, value of their residence, Google StreetViews of their residences, and countless other datapoints about them and their lives.

    The point is, we do not need to post that information. We are demonstrably right. We are demonstrably in the more defendable position. We are demonstrably the more logically-consistent. Our arguments stand by themselves, without having to resort to blatant harassment, abuse, attempts at intimidation, and veiled threats.

    Theirs, on the other hand, do not, which is why they have resorted to personally attacking me and the other webloggers “outed”. We have the high ground by dint of our morally-superior positions. There is no need to yeild it.

    @ alcade: And here we are, two days later, and their Twitter account is still not back online… I can only imagine that their frustration is progressively compounding with each passing day…

  13. “And here we are, two days later, and their Twitter account is still not back online… I can only imagine that their frustration is progressively compounding with each passing day…”

    Wouldn’t it be something if Twitter told them they could only have their account reactivated in exchange for a public apology for their wrongdoing? They’d never be back!

  14. Well, you can see for yourself what Twitter had to say about the CSGV getting their account back… My assumption (and it is purely an assumption) is that Everitt followed through on his Facebook threats to demand that my account be suspended / examined / whatever-the-hell he wanted, Twitter said, “Uh, no,” and then he threw a hissy fit like he is known to.

    That, or he is demanding recompense for having their Twitter account suspended. Because they broke the rules. Because that makes sense.

    But I am just assuming.

    Of course, for any other organization, should an employee happen to get one of their primary public relations interface accounts suspended, I could only imagine the repercussions that employee would be facing…

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  16. The fact that they are trying to bind your online persona with your employment information can be construed as “tortious interference” since it could impact your ability to make a living…

    For $130 or so in your home state, you can sue their organization and Mr. Everitt personally if you believe that they have committed the tort. Also if you sue them civilly in a court of law, they have to get an attorney…

  17. Unfortunately, lawsuits take both time and money (above and beyond the ~$130, if only to pay for the lawyer), and I am in relatively short supply of both at the moment… And it is pretty doubtful that Laddie was actually able to inflict the damage upon me and my life that he was obviously hoping to.

    Should they continue, though, and should they keep on with this blatant harassment, I will definitely remember “tortious interference” along with “libel” and the rest of their wonderful offenses…

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