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the dustbin of history awaits

A person who is observant and/or skilled can always tell when other people are desperate – used car salesmen, poker players, and con men all do that on a daily basis. Every human being has "tells", and the trick is just correlating them with behavior, a trick that is largely simplified by most "tells" being scant more than variations on themes that are common throughout society.

By the same token, organizations – being comprised of groups of people – have "tells" as well, and can likewise exhibit desperation through their words and actions; one need only know where to look. By way of examples, I give you these four links.

First, this appropriately-titled post from Oleg Volk:

Had to file two DMCA take-down notices on Brady Campaign today. They used two of my photos without permission and with libelous statements attached. Not very surprising…

Second, this poignant observation from John Richardson:

That’s right, Mr. Everitt just put his name and address into the form letter generator sponsored by Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors. He didn’t bother to even write a comment for CSGV even though so-called assault weapons are one of the items they oppose. How lame is that?

You will notice that I have blacked out Mr. Everitt’s address and email. Unlike Mr. Everitt, I don’t get off on publishing personal data of those with whom I disagree.

I have wondered how a Director of Communications for an organization in D.C. has the time to engage in flame wars on Twitter, character assassination on Facebook, and other childish games involving those opposed to his gun prohibitionist ideals. Now I know.

Third, a comment by "terraformer":

“Ladd gets an A for trying to steer this particular supporter off the crazy, and back on the path to productive activism, but it was too late.”

You can’t cure stupid.

Oh, and by the way, the fact that they are discussing things on the internets under an official CSGV account means there is likely only a small number of people behind this operation any longer and they have zero message discipline. I help run a civil rights NPO up here in commiechussetts and there are 5 of us, two-three of us which are active. We NEVER use our org accounts for anything more than official org statements vetted against our org’s principles.

The CSGV twitter account (which is likely the same person as the facebook account) has argued on the internets with Gray Peterson (of peterson v. lacabe) and others and they end up looking stupid because of this. Beyond being unprofessional it is indicative of the disarray they are in over there and why they are losing support. Most rational human beings would be aghast at the crap that comes from that account. They are not even keeping up the appearances of trying to run a rational organization.

And finally, these thoughts from preauxphoto:

I personally believe that it’s unprofessional for a person receiving a paycheck from a non-profit organization to publish the information of people that disagree with them with out their permission. Is it really acceptable to "out" someone for having a different view point? Is that what we have come to? Where if you say something I don’t like I can tell the whole world who you are where you live and point out details about your family and life, if I don’t agree with the way you raise your kids then I can call you an abuser.

I thought we were above that, I though we were supposed to have a new age of civility, but I guess it only applies to one side of the argument.

Imagine if a pro-rights blogger had done this they would be accused of forming a hit list, they would be accused of asking their "gun nut friends" to harm these people.

The first time I noticed this increasing desperation on the part of the anti-rights cultists was back in December of last year, when they were rushing to commit libel against Mr. James D’Cruz, but since then, those anti-rights organizations have allowed their "official" accounts to be hijacked by inveterate bigots, they have cyberstalked and threatened the family of a man who dared to disagree with them, they have blatantly lied about what pro-rights activists have written (lies which are made all the worse by their obvious nature), they have idiotically attempted (and failed) to redefine the English language, they have advocated for the nonsensical, whimsical denial of one Constitutionally-protected right due to the lawful exercise of another Constitutionally-protected right, they have incessantly pimped an inherently flawed "study", they have harassed, abused, and attempted to intimidate pro-rights activists through childish "outing" and not-so-veiled threats against their families and employment, and they have encouraged eugenics-style threats against law-abiding citizens.

So, with those incidents in mind, I would like to ask you, my readers, some questions. Do those incidents sound like the actions of people or organizations who are comfortable in their current position? Do those actions strike you as being particularly strategic, tactical, or otherwise planned? Do you think those actions will help further those organizations’ goals of abridging Americans’ rights under the color of law?

Or do you believe, as terraformer and I rightfully do, that this behavior is indicative of an inherent unprofessionalism that is permeating these organizations, coupled with the desperation they must be feeling at repeatedly losing in the courts and legislatures across the country? Do you think their time and increasingly-smaller budgets could be better spent engaging actual pro-rights organizations, rather than senselessly attacking, demeaning, and harassing "guys wearing pajamas pounding on their keyboards in their basement" (to use the stereotypical definition of "webloggers")?

I do know one thing, though: the "tells" of the Brady Campaign, the CSGV, the appropriately-named Violence Policy Center, and all of their vitriolic members are coming through loud and clear to those who are listening, and they are more than showing the weakness of those organizations’ hands. We have the anti-rights cultists on the ropes, ladies and gentlemen; we are winning, and now is the time to send them packing into the same dustbin of history that gobbled up their predecessors (to whit, the KKK, slaveholders, antisemites, and so forth).

11 comments to the dustbin of history awaits

  • I’m telling you, they’re collectively on the verge of a Ryder truck full of ANFO in front of the NRA headquarters.

    “Die Gunloons!” Boom.

  • @ Sean D Sorrentino: Unfortunately, I am a lot more concerned about them doing something like that one of our own homes. After all, they have no problems digging up the pertinent information on us, and even if they are not willing to execute something like that themselves, they probably know someone who is… And you and I both know they are absolutely hating us right now…

  • the Dude

    @ both of ya up there^
    I don’t think they’re capable of that. Anti-gunners and “peace” folks are especially lazy when it comes to putting their money and effort where their mouth is. In short, they’ll scream and shout all day long for someone else to enforce their view, but when no one does, they’ll just sit on the couch a pout about how everyone but them is “ignorant”… whatever that means.

  • Good work in getting their Twitter feed suspended. Much hilarity on their FB page because of it.

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  • @ the Dude: Yeah, but the problem with that perspective on the anti-rights nuts is that they have predominantly been in the lead over the past few decades.

    That is changing.

    Now they are on the defensive, and there is nothing worse than a cornered animal. We know that some (all?) of them are seriously mentally unbalanced – what little would it take for them to launch themselves completely over the edge?

    @ Jacob: They broke the rules, they pay the consequences. Fairly simple indeed :).

  • kaveman

    Linoge, you might want to check out my latest post at the trailer.

  • I was wondering if one of you all might be behind that particular round of Joan-goading…

  • kaveman

    Who me?

    Little ol’ me?

    I think I worded it rather well. Only smart people will see it.

  • Well that certainly rules out Joan…

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