“A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares about more than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”
by John Stuart Mill




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the bullying troll known as the csgv

doublefacepalmIt would appear as though Ladd Everitt and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has devolved from threatening a man’s family over a difference of opinions, to threatening multiple pro-rights webloggers’ families (including mine now) over differences of opinion.

What do these anti-rights bigots hope to achieve with their kindergarten-grade "outing" and cyberstalking of pro-rights webloggers? Are they so stupid as to think that naming us will somehow stop us from continuing to stand up for, protect, and preserve our individual, Constitutionally-protected rights? Uhm, yeah, not so much – in fact, most of us take pride in what we are doing to guarantee those rights for future generations. If anything, this pathetic, stalkerish behavior further drives home the point of just how irrelevant the CSGV really is, given that they cannot seem to defend their positions with rational, logical, reasonable arguments, and instead have taken to relying on bullying and threats to silence the opposition – that is not the way to show the world the superiority of one’s beliefs.

The CSGV has well and truly become the dedicated troll of the anti-rights organizations, and this new disgraceful "tactic" of theirs will invariably backfire in their bigoted faces. We will not be oppressed, we will not be silenced, and we will not tolerate our rights being denied to us by force of law… no amount of threatening, bullying, stalking, or "outing" will change that.

Oh, and remind me to thank Chris Peck and all of his anti-rights buddies at the Commercial Appeal for assisting cyberstalkers like Ladd Everitt with their privacy invading database of the overwhelmingly law-abiding handgun carry permit holders here in Tennessee.  Really appreciate that, guys! 

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  • They’re a cornered animal. They are True Believer cultists who won’t ever admit their issue is wrong, despite having no facts, data, or historical evidence that their beloved panacea is at all good for society or public safety.

    Their only other option is to personally attack the activists on the other side.

    We don’t need to do such things, their policies and their tactics are bad enough.

    Also not like we CAN do any of those things, given that all the anti-rights activists are paid shills, so their information is all public record.

  • Good Lord man! What’s next for these animals. Will they reveal the secret name of God that the Masons use? Pronounce Yahweh out loud?? Or… or… GASP… Buy a gun?!?!?!

  • @ Weer’d Beard: Got it in one, I dare say.

    The amusing thing is how much this is going to backfire in their pretty little faces – to your average ‘net denizen, “outing” is not only generally not done, it is also a surefire indicator of someone who is losing a debate, and grasping for any straw they might be able to get a grip on.

    And you hit on one of the primary differences… we are naught more than private citizens, doing this in our spare time, and because we care about our cause. They are official representatives for high-dollar (at least, once upon a time) anti-rights organizations, which puts the spotlight squarely on them, whether they want it or not.

    *shrug* This petty bullying is not going to stop me from defending my rights as vociferously as I have in the past, much to their infinite frustration, I am sure.

    @ Groundhog: I mean, seriously, I have only been linking to my book after every gorramed post for about four years now… it is not exactly like I am trying to hide my name or anything.

    But these idiots think they are on to something, and here we are.

  • j

    It is really crazy what they are doing!
    they will not let you comment on their stuff, and then they stalk you and tell your personal info to the world!
    Whatever, if they want to harass me physically, they can eat 130 grains.
    I doubt they would actually attack anyone though- they would have to use a knife:-)

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  • Braden Lynch

    Their actions are those of cowards…mean-spirited little people with dark hearts.

    So sad. I wonder if we should pity them.

    No, I will continue to mock them, since I do not care to suffer fools.

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  • You mean they threatened you physically?

    I would assume threatening a firearms enthusiast would be about the least intelligent things one could do with their spare time.

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  • @ j: Is it not, though?

    That is probably the funniest part – their Reasoned Discourse. They have absolutely no problems “naming names” and calling us out, but allowing us to defend ourselves against their rampant libel? Nope, not going to happen. Typical behavior for a bully.

    @ Braden Lynch: I do feel genuinely sorry for them. I am sorry that their positions are so very weak they have to resort to intimidation tactics to make it seem like they “won”. I am sorry that they are physically incapable of having a reasonable, rational discussion like grown adults. I am sorry that they are stupid enough to think this will actually help them.

    Was that not what you meant? 😉

    @ alcade: Did they threaten to come down and beat my ass? No. Did they post my full (first, middle, last) name, my birthyear, my city of residence, and a picture of me to their Facebook page – a page that is known for attracting all kinds of closet wierdos, repressed assaulters, and borderline fanatics? Yes. Does it sound like the old line of, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome weblogger?” Absodamnedlutely.

    This “outing” is straight-up mobland tactics, and should be regarded as such.

  • Stay armed, my friend, stay armed.

  • Trust me, I am, wherever I can be.

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