“Taking my gun away because I might shoot someone is like cutting my tongue out because I might yell 'Fire!' in a crowded theater.”
by Peter Venetoklis




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one little question for the csgv

And any of the four people who work for that bigoted, anti-rights organization – Michael K. Beard, Joshua Horwitz, Ladd Everitt, or Manda Kelley – may feel welcome to come forward and provide an answer; unlike them, I do not only accept comments from people who agree with me. 

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s mission statement, as published on their webpage, is, and I quote: 

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy.

My question is as follows:  how does cyberstalking and “outing” pro-rights webloggers help the CSGV achieve its stated goal? 

Really, how hard can that be to answer? 

8 comments to one little question for the csgv

  • Gareth A

    They’d probably put it under “strategic engagement”. If they bully enough people into submission, they probably think they can propose irresponsible laws without opposition.

  • I find it ironic that the people who tells us we have nothing to fear encourages in a tactic that makes me fear for the safety of my family.

    By outing gun right advocates, aren’t they tacitly informing criminals of the likely location of firearms?

    I would ask the CSGV how many of the people they have outed are engaged in gun violence and why aren’t they putting names and addresses of known violent thugs on their website?

  • I think that their attacks are tacit acknowledgement of our peaceful intents. They know that outting a true thug could result in violent repercussions.

  • David, that’s another big one. Jadegold probably went the furthest the soonest of the anti-rights trolls, and his first target was Maryland activist Sebastian Sassi who only lived a short drive from Jade’s home.

    Nothing ill came of it, even when the troll expanded his attacks to whole forums of gun owning people.

    I have no desire to kill another person, even one as deplorable as these trolls, and they know it.

    They do have a desire to cause harm to us tho, as you can see from their actions. Why else would they do it?

  • Luke

    Meh, what do you expect from animists?
    The very fact that they are acting this way proves that they are not in fear of law abiding gun owners.
    Seriously, if you thought “those wackos with guns on the Internet” were a threat, would you antagonize them?
    You can imagine their thought process thusly “we want to reduce gun ownership, but if we piss off the criminals they’ll come kick our asses… I know, let’s pick on law abiding gun owners because they also like guns, but they won’t break the law by assaulting us!”

    CSGV: Show your courage, publish the known addresses of gang members and other perpetrators of gun violence!

    As an aside, does anyone else parse “CSGV” as “Common Sense Gun Violence”?

  • It’s a shame more folks don’t know about the Jadegold / Sebastian incident, because that nasty, bigoted fool Jadegold got his ass handed to him by Sebastian and didn’t much like all of his personal information posted in one central source out on the web.

    These people are despicable cowards.

  • Predictably, it would appear as though no one at the CSGV possesses the conviction to answer one simple little question, much less take responsibility for their actions, and ownership of how they will affect that organization.

    They are bullies, and they are cowards, and they know it.

    @ Weer’d Beard:

    Honestly, I have every reason to keep my communications with the CSGV public and uncorruptible – this organization blatantly lies to perpetuate its hatred, and I want to ensure anything of mine they warp and distort will have its original somewhere online for verification.

    @ Gareth A: I was figuring they would categorize it as “research”, but I could not grasp how that research would help their end goal – you raise a valid point, though. If you get enough people afraid to stand up to their libel, they will be able to do whatever their bigoted little hearts desire. Hm.

    @ Bob S.:

    Worse, they are giving our location to the more… active/unstable/vindictive members of their bigoted little community, and then riling up those individuals in abject hatred against us. Where do the think that is going to lead?

    And come now, Bob – you know they are just too busy documenting “insurrectionists” to do something that might actually decrease crime

    @ David, Chandler, AZ: You hit the nail right on the head! They know we are not a problem. They know we are not violent people. They know we have everything to lose. They know we are reaosnable individuals.

    And they are exploiting the hell out of it.

    This little outing campaign really does belie their whole “all gun carriers are just waiting for an excuse to snap” bullcrap – seems like we have had our excuse, and we are just sitting back and laughing at them.

    @ Weer’d Beard:

    That is the part that fascinates me – Joan Peterson thanked Ladd Everitt for “outing” us, but why? What does that information do for them? Why is it useful to her? Unless, of course, she is going to use it to attack our families, our jobs, our friends, etc. A person’s name is just a series of alphanumeric characters – by itself, it is nothing.

    @ Luke: I prefer “totemists”, but animists is good too… 😉

    And you could always go with, “Coalition to Support Gun Violence”, since their anti-rights desires have a history of doing just that.

    @ mike w.: Unfortunately, JadeGold’s history goes back even farther, to when he almost completely destroyed a man’s life by repeatedly and incessantly erroneously accusing him of murder. The allegations were false, he knew the allegations were false, and he still tried to drive this innocent man into the dirt with them. With that context painted over that despicable little man’s history, his current actions suddenly make all manner of sense… so long as you are as warped and twisted as he is.