csgv hates us for our rights

Today presented another leaden opportunity to peer into the dark, twisted, demented depths of the mind driving the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership Twitter account (in all likelihood, that anti-rights organization’s “Director of Communications”, Ladd Everitt), and, hey, when you get the chance to procure some free blogfodder, it is on you if you do not jump at it. 

Consider the below conversation: 

CSGV:  Did you know that the Quran-burning pastor is permitted to carry a loaded gun in 35 states?! #p2 #Highered… http://fb.me/11QGyNqeb

TrailerDays:  MT @CSGV: Freedom of speech should be abolished if it offends people. That’s what the Founding Fathers meant for us. http://bit.ly/jpV6Tl

CSGV:  @TrailerDays Freedom of speech has nothing to do with a religious extremist carrying a loaded gun in public in 35 states. #Highered #p2

linoge_wotc:  @CSGV Free speech was put there to expressly protect religious "extremists" from #authoritarian #bigots like you. #1a #2a

CSGV:  @linoge_wotc Free speech has nothing to do with a religious extremist carrying a loaded gun in public. Nor did Madison ever suggest it did.


CSGV:  @linoge_wotc Madison never conflated free speech with the carrying of weapons in public. He was a Federalist, not a Radical Anti-Federalist.

linoge_wotc:  @CSGV I never said he did. YOU are making that conflation. Madison DID believe that religious beliefs were no reason to abridge rights.

linoge_wotc:  @CSGV Your entire premise of infringing on one right due to the lawful exercise of another is Constitutionally and logically erroneous.

linoge_wotc:  @CSGV Rev Jones broke no law & you want to arbitrarily deny his rights. Madison would kick your ass HARD for using his name to support that

CSGV:  @linoge_wotc Wanting to carry a loaded gun in public is not a "religious belief." #Highered #TX #Texas #p2 #politics #congress

linoge_wotc:  @CSGV Never said it was. Is your argument so weak that you can only fight straw men? #readingcomprehensionfail

To save you the trouble of tracking down that intentionally un-linked hyperlink, the short story is that Reverend Terry Jones burned a Koran, the CSGV finds that “offensive”, then he had a negligent discharge, the CSGV finds that to be endangering others (though the discharge only perforated the floor of his car and the parking lot beneath it), and based off those two opinions, the CSGV takes exception to Reverend Jones’ Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm License and apparently believes it should be revoked. 

Yes, you read that right.  Reverent Jones is not a criminal.  Reverend Jones has not been convicted of anything.  Reverend Jones has not been charged with anything.  Reverend Jones lawfully exercised his First-Amendment-protected rights. 

However, Reverend Jones exercised his First-Amendment-protected rights in a fashion that Ladd Everitt considers “offensive”, and for that nowhere-near-crime, the CSGV is advocating that Reverend Jones’ Second-Amendment-protected rights be denied to him. 


Words – or, at least, words I am willing to write here – cannot adequately describe how disgustingly, perversely, and atrociously unconstitutional such a position is, not to mention intrinsically offensive, morally reprehensible, and downright dictatorial.  In fact, it is precisely because of authoritarian, discriminatory, intolerant tyranny like that which convinced the original Founding Fathers and Revolutionaries to abandon their ties to England and strike out on their own – after all, Catholics were denied various rights in once-Great Britain on the basis of their religious beliefs. 

Apparently Ladd Everitt and the CSGV would have us devolve our country to the point where we are once again forced to believe a certain way, lest we be denied our individual, human rights.  I say to hell with that.  So long as I do not harm anyone else (and Reverend Jones, while arguably an idiot, has not harmed anyone else), what faith I practice and how I express it has absolutely no bearing on what rights I may enjoy.  Period.  Anyone who claims otherwise is not arguing from a Constitutionally-valid, much less rational, position.  But I would never describe Ladd as “rational”… 

(WFGodbold, Thirdpower, and Miguel all have their takes on this latest atrocity by the CSGV…  I swear, is Ladd attempting to single-handedly discredit that organization in its entirety?)

10 thoughts on “csgv hates us for our rights”

  1. is Ladd attempting to single-handedly discredit that organization in its entirety?

    That would imply it had credit to discredit.

  2. is Ladd attempting to single-handedly discredit that organization in its entirety?

    He doesn’t have to attempt it, it comes naturally.

    The doublethink that must be necessary for him to get through a single day without his head simply exploding from the cognitive dissonance is absolutely terrifying.

  3. The Reality Distortion Device Field has exceeded its safe threshold…the CSGV will now disintegrate…

  4. Thanks for the link!

    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t point out that it’s a travesty that the other 15 states infringe on Jones’s rights. That might’ve proved too confusing for CSGV, I think.

  5. By Ladd’s logic, Terry Jones, having burned a copy of the Quran, should be compelled to quarter a platoon of rowdy paratroopers (but I repeat myself). After all, if Second Amendment rights are subject to Laddie’s whims, why should Third Amendment rights be exempt from infringement?

  6. I hadn’t actually read the Jones ND story until now. Seems it was at the fox studios.

    Could it be he was arming back up in the parking lot (in the cramped and very visible confines of his car).

    Wouldn’t suprise me if the same “Safety” that Ladd proposes caused this ND. As Tam says “Stop Touching it!”

    Of course the anti-rights goons will claim that it would have been safer if Pastor Muttonchops (I can’t give the man TOO much respect as he is little more than a Troll in the big blue room. Yeah he’s free to burn to Koran, but also no matter how many books he burns he won’t defeat the radical Islam he opposes) just left his gun at home, or turned it in at the local “Buy Back”.

    But then we must think of all the Hadji Jihadis who wouldn’t mind resecting the Pastor’s muttonchops from his body at the neck. I’m glad he’s carrying a gun, as much as I don’t care for how he conducts himself.

    Anti-rights people are all about subjective removal of rights. All one needs to do is get on their radar and there isn’t a right they won’t infringe.

    Tell me, do you think Ladd would be opposed to a police inspection of the Pastor’s home to verify his guns are “Safely Stored”. Do you think they would be opposed to a police officer pulling over the pastor simply because he knew he had a FL Carry permit, just to search his car, and his person for weapons as well as blood alcohol levels just to make sure everything is above board?

    Same idea as the Jim Crow south stopping a black man walking the streets just to make sure everything was in order. “Papers Please” to turn a phrase from other supporters of gun control.

  7. @ Robb Allen: Hm. Point.

    @ Jake: Cognitive dissonance, compartmentalization, or plain old irrationality… There is something seriously wrong with that man’s head.

    @ Braden Lynch: If we were only that lucky…

    @ wfgodbold: Not a problem! It was a good post :). And, yeah, I figured that Ladd attempting to comprehend what I was telling him would stress his overtaxed and undercapable brain far too much as is… there is no need to start down the path of “carry permits = poll taxes”, lest we truly sprain a neural gasket for him.

    @ AuricTech: Case in point of the general-purpose illogical nature of his train of thought… The man does not even grasp the direct consequences, much less the unintended ones…

    @ Weer’d Beard: My understanding is that he was, indeed, strapping his sidearm back on, and that he and his supporters have had to start carrying due to the threats on their lives from Islamic extremists.

    Of course, to the CSGV and Ladd, it is Jones’ fault that those murderous scumbags are threatening his life, so they really do not care about that part.

    Jones is a blithering idiot of the finest degree, but “general-purpose stupidity” is not a disqualifying factor for any rights, much less those that are specifically Constitutionally-protected. Ladd can take his self-righteous, unamerican pandering to his two supporters, print it all out, fold it until it is all sharp corners, and shove it up his authoritarian arse.

    @ the pistolero: Pretty consistent across the board, are they not? In fact, that is the only thing they are consistent on…

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