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caught in the act

Since I am fairly certain no one believed me, I give you photographic evidence of our aforementioned rail-mounted sparrow


Bear in mind he is camped out there with our door open (but screen closed), our box fan running, us talking, and now me taking pictures of it with a DSLR and its integral flash.  Either that guy is one hell of a sound sleeper, or he just does not care. 

Now to figure out how to disincline him from continuing this habit… 

7 comments to caught in the act

  • JP

    Disinclination is easy. Give Gammo or Crossman a call.

  • Well, if you are at all fond of the little critter, maybe a small condo about a foot to the right would be nice. Personally, I think that since he can mount on non standard rails he’s got value!

  • Too easy… watch your six… it’s a trap!

  • Stan

    A large cup of water to the face took care of the pigeon that liked to roost on a rail near our doorway and freak the wife out.

  • They’re soft! PAT HIM!

  • I love wildlife and wouldn’t mind sharing my house with a bird if not for the poop.

  • @ JP: Eh, I am not annoyed enough at him yet to go for lethal methods, just want to encourage him to find somewhere else to rack out.

    @ Groundhog: Well, our house sure as hell is not Picatinny-compatible… though it would be all manner of hilarious if it was!

    @ Brick O’Lore: Yeah… the wasps are providing him back-up…

    @ Stan: Hm. That might just work…

    @ Weer’d Beard: Blood. Inside body. I like it.

    @ Les Jones: Yeah, the whole ‘disease’ thing is the only reason I am concerned… I appreciate that they eat bugs, and I do not really mind birds, but sleeping right outside where we sleep? Not so cool.

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