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what are you doing here?

My idea of “fun” this weekend consists of mowing my lawn…  ohyayohyay, could I please!? 

On the other hand, Mike W., Say Uncle, Jay G., Weer’d Beard, Breda, Cemetery, and countless other pro-rights webloggers are in Pittsburgh enjoying the NRA Annual Meetings and laughing at the pathetic turn out of the anti-rights cultists and how the “gun control” supporters flagrantly disregard the law and endanger people’s lives

And, on the gripping hand, Joe Huffman, David, Chris Byrne, Barron Barnett, and countless other-other pro-rights webloggers are in Idaho blowing the crap out of unsuspecting explosives

Trust me – there are a lot better things to read out there than what I am not writing here. 

9 comments to what are you doing here?

  • Linoge, we had our fun with Twitter wars. Somebody had to do it. Besides, I mowed my lawn day before yesterday.
    Someday we will have our fun at an NRA convention….. in the meantime somebody better bring us at least a cap and a mug! 🙂

  • It keeps snowing here, so mowing the lawn isn’t even an option…

  • I hear you, bluesun. I drove through a blizzard to get home last night, and the snow is still melting here at home.

  • Today, after wishing I was at Boomershoot:

    I mowed the lawn.
    It sucked.

    I(partially) trimmed the hedge.
    It sucked. And I’m not done with it yet.

    I watched Doctor Who.
    It was awesome.

  • @ BobG:
    The worst part is, I mowed the lawn last week, so now my weather is going backwards…

  • @ Miguel: I have to admit, that lady on Twitter was more than a little scary… Some days, I really wonder why I ever allowed myself to get sucked into that particular intertube black hole.

    @ bluesun: So snowblow your yard – that should take care of both!

    @ BobG: AlGore must love y’all…

    @ Jake: DW has a tendency of making up for a lot of suckitude in life.

  • Probably gonna have to mow the lawn when I get home. Grass hasn’t been green for long up here.

  • @ Linoge:
    DW has a tendency of making up for a lot of suckitude in life.

    That it does. Though I will say that the first two episodes this season (a two parter) are well suited to reminding you that Doctor Who is, first and foremost, a horror show. Grade-A high octane nightmare fuel episodes.

  • Snuck up on you, did it?