“Well, the folks who agree with the professional hoplophobic class may not be a majority, but they certainly have the silent thing down pat.”
by AuricTech




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the reasoned discourse of the csgv

ReasonedDiscourseHas anyone else noticed that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has posted all their various vicious attacks and malicious threats against firearm owners on their Facebook page, where you have “Like” their malignant organization in order to comment on the posts? 

In short, they are practicing “Reasoned Discourse” of the purest variety… either you agree with them, and their vindictive hatred of pro-rights advocates, or you are not permitted you voice your opinion. 

Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what the CSGV is attempting to do with fellow firearm-owner Tango – he dared to express opposition to their blatantly anti-rights stance, and now members and “like”-ers of the CSGV are threatening to break up his family through the brute force of the government.  Unquestionably he would be found innocent, but as the saying goes, you can beat the rap, but not the ride. 

Why would an organization so very convinced of its superiority and that of its position be so intent on attempting to control the message through compulsion and manipulation?  Why are they afraid of opposing viewpoints, and those who express them?  Why do you have to agree with them, or not be permitted to talk at all? 

Unfortunately for them, they know they are losing the argument over individual rights, but like any good propagandist, they are attempting to suppress that information, because if fewer people know it, then maybe, just maybe, the CSGV will be able to retain its death-grip on relevancy… or, as a man who completely understood organizations like the CSGV once said, “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” 

I am not at all sorry to say this, but we will not be silenced, we will not be oppressed, and we will not be controlled, no matter how hard the anti-rights cultists try.  You cannot stop the signal, and the harder you try, the more it will leak out.  The truth – the very truth that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is now threatening our families over – is that organizations such as theirs are blatantly attempting to abridge the individual, Constitutionally-protected rights of American citizens, just like the KKK and countless other organizations have done in the past.  And, just like those preceding organizations, they too will one day be shuffled off into the wastebin of history, whether they want to be or not. 

One can only hope that day comes before they are able to seriously hurt themselves or others… 

(Image blatantly borrowed from Robb Allen.) 

5 comments to the reasoned discourse of the csgv

  • Just like the old Brady blog. They see what happens when comments are opened to everyone. They get outnumbered 10:1.

    And I really don’t think they have the courage to actually call CPS. They’re just placating their few supporters to let them think the CSGO is actually doing something. Anything.

  • Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Amazing how they never fear that we’ll return the favor, isn’t it?

  • @ thirdpower: Oh, I have absolutely no doubt that Laddy lacks the nerve to actually call the CPS… but I also have absolutely no doubt that Craig Hexham (a supposed minister of some sort) wants them to (though likely will not himself, either). However, despite that knowledge, the threat was blatantly intended to chill the conversation and silence the opposition, and for that reason alone, it cannot nor will not be tolerated, and it should be called out at every available opportunity.

    And thanks to that calling out, one of your posts is on the front page of Google for “CSGV”, and mine is at the top of the second – this incident will follow them until their organization finally gives up and disbands.

    @ Sean D Sorrentino: I fear for the people around Ladd, I am uncertain of his mental stability, and I doubt he expected this kind of reaction when he decided to attack a man’s family… Is that better? 😉

  • I’ve said it at my blog and elsewhere, and I will say it here: If anyone’s actually surprised at the CSGV’s words and actions vis-a-vis Tango, I don’t know why. The people who belong to anti-gun organizations have time and again shown themselves to be, at best, a bunch of incredibly nasty people and at worst downright evil. Surely no one thought such would limit itself to their attitudes on self-defense.

  • Surprised? No. Willing to ensure this hateful, vindictive gos-se follows the CSGV and Ladd for the rest of their natural days? Absogoddamnedlutely.

    But, then, I believe people should take responsibility for their actions…