“Place your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.”
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Want to know how to tell when one of the national anti-rights organizations knows that it is failing at its intended goal of abridging, restricting, regulating, controlling, limiting, and abrogating the Constitutionally-protected, naturally-granted individual right to self defense? 

Simple:  when they start attacking people… through their children

Take a look at the screencapture to the left – I refuse to link to the actual Facebook page and give the CSGV the benefit of traffic, but you can click on the image to make it legibly large. 

To begin with, the original incarnation of this post, written by Ladd Everitt, the “Director of Communications” at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, contained within it a bald-faced lie that we pro-rights activists caught them in – a lie that Ladd has never admitted to, and a lie that, conveniently enough, disappeared down the Memory Hole once we called them on it. 

Unfortunately for the anti-rights cultists, the Internet never forgets

Sadly, that all-too-easily observed lie was just the beginning for this particular Facebook post…  Pay very close attention to the comments it received at the bottom, particularly one written by Craig Hexham and the Ladd’s response to it (unfortunately, my screencap program did not capture the full thing, so it is highlighted to the right):

csgvkeepingitclassy1Craig Hexham:  Okay, making fun of idiots is always easy and fun. This, however, transcends "making fun of." Seriously, because YOU know where he is publicly available, YOU are responsible to report him to Child Protective Services. If you don’t have enough information to report him to a local or state authority (and I assume you don’t) you MUST report him to your state’s ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) authority and they can chase him down. Contact either your state police or local ICAC office. Anyone who admits to having "shoved a piece of food into the boy’s mouth ‘a dozen times,’ forcing him to eat it" MUST be investigated by CPS to ensure the safety of the child. This is not just about the crazy gun-owner anymore, this has to do with EVERYTHING you state that you stand for as an organization.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:  Will do, Craig.

What was the crime committed by this pro-rights advocate that would create such an impassioned, intrusive, and high-handed response from the hoplophobes?  Well, I will let Tango, the target of the CSGV’s most-recent vicious two minutes of hate, speak for himself

I cut a small piece of chicken and shoved it into his mouth. Spit it back out so I pushed it back in. After a dozen times, he got a super sad, big pouty lip on his face, and started chewing. I will admit it, I was doggone mad. He swallowed it a few seconds later. Starting with that, our new rule with him eating is that he WILL eat at least one single bite of each item on his plate. He won’t have to eat the entire thing, but he WILL take a bite, chew, and swallow one of each.

Yes, you read that right – he had the nerve, the unmitigated nerve, to ensure that his child was actually eating its dinner.  And for that crime against humanity, children everywhere, and decency itself, anti-rights cultists Craig Hexham and Ladd Everitt are willing to destroy Tango’s life, his son’s life, and his family’s life by calling the Child Protective Services (or their internet counterparts) on him. 

Actually, on, I said that wrong.  Tango had the nerve, the unmitigated nerve, to disagree with the CSGV, and for that crime against their pride, their lies, and their falsehoods, the anti-rights cultists are willing to destroy his whole world. 

Do I really need to describe just how disgusting that behavior is? 

These tin-pot fascists (and there really is no better word to describe them) realize that they have effectively lost the debate on firearms, individual rights, and the preservation thereof, so instead of simply acting like adults and peaceably ceding the field to the victors, they instead viciously lash out at and attack those victors.  They attack their children.  They attack their families.  And they feel perfectly justified in doing so. 

This is beyond sick, people.  This is beyond “mind your own damned business”.  And this is way the hell beyond acceptable interpersonal behavior.  This is a blatant attempt at forcibly silencing pro-rights activists through threats on their children

Is it any wonder why we compare these scumbags to the KKK?  Is it any wonder some of us choose to post under assumed monikers?  Is it any wonder we take privacy-invading databases personally?  With opponents like the hateful liars at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, we have every reason to be concerned for our rights, concerned for our families, and concerned for our very safety – if Ladd Everitt is willing to use governmental force to break apart Tango’s family over a difference of opinions, what else is he willing to do? 

(If you managed to read this far without being completely nauseated at the audacity of the anti-rights cultists, take a look at what Patrick, Miguel, and Barron have to say – this attack on Tango is an attack on all people interested in preserving and protecting their individual rights, and it is indicative of the new tactics the anti-rights organizations seem intent on employing.)

12 comments to keep it classy, csgv

  • AM

    using predatory government agencies to punish those who disagree with you? No wonder they think that we can snap at a moments notice and go on a killing spree. If I were under constant threat from people like that who targeted my family striking first to stop that threat seems more and more reasonable.

    I am thinking that the “muslim veto” has more and more merit all the time.

  • I’m really worried about Ladd Everitt. I’m sure that one day we’re going to turn on the news and he’ll have done something shocking and massively destructive. Anyone who spends so much time pointing the finger at people like us must have a LOT of stuff to project. God knows what it will be, but I’m guessing truck bomb.

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  • weambulance

    Yeah, it’s good for them we don’t actually fit their picture of psychopaths waiting to mow down the neighbors over a trespassing dog turd or whatever they claim will happen when people have guns. You just don’t last long messing up the lives of people who are itching for the chance to shoot someone over the last gallon of milk in the supermarket.

    Of course, they already know that gun owners aren’t really going to do those things. If they were truly scared of us, they wouldn’t try to destroy a man’s life, thereby leaving him with nothing to lose and a couple of known enemies. Perhaps I’m giving them too much credit on the logic front? Causality is pretty much unrecognized over in gun-grabber land, after all.

  • @ AM: They are generating a self-fulfilling prophecy – by constantly insinuating threats against firearm owners, they are generating a threatening environment around those individuals, and eventually one of those individuals is going to take those implications as actual threats, and react accordingly. Then the CSGV can hold that individual up as an example of how all firearm owners will behave, and further castigate a group off the actions of an individual.

    Bit of an ironic position for an organization that believes in “collective responsibility” to take.

    @ Sean D Sorrentino: It genuinely would not surprise me to hear about Laddy rollin’ up at the NRA Headquarters with a U-Haul full of ANFO… Of course, it also would not surprise me for him to muff something up through his rank incompetence, and get caught before he was ever able to actually accomplish anything.

    The man has issues – deep-seated, all-consuming issues – and this vindictive attack against a firearm owner’s family is just another manifestation of those issues becoming real. I can only hope he gets the help he needs before he seriously hurts himself or someone else.

    @ weambulance: Like I twittered not too long ago, if we firearm owners were as dangerous, short-tempered, and easily-provoked as the anti-rights cultists would have everyone believe, how is it those hoplophobes are still alive to practice their particular faith? We would have exterminated them long ago over things like this, but we did not, which just shows the lie of their beliefs.

    You are absolutely right, though – the pull this kind of gos-se because they know we are not that violent, and they know they are safe to engage in these kinds of vicious, vindictive attacks. Being the cowards they are, they would never dream of doing this kind of thing to someone they honestly believed to be a potential threat, and here we are.

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