“Assault is a type of behavior, not a type of hardware.”
by Alan Korwin




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quotes of the day – oleg and tam

I have been saying things like this for about as long as I have been weblogging, but, as usual, throw a pretty girl into the equation and the comments suddenly become that much more attention-grabbing… At any rate, Oleg Volk wins today’s first quote of the day by way of the afore-linked graphic, quoted below:

Collective Responsibility is a Totalitarian concept.

I will not be held responsible for misdeeds committed by people who look like me, or with guns like mine, nor for any actions by other people.

I am responsible only for my own actions.

And that is, as they say, that.

I am not a parent. I am not in the military any more. I am not responsible for any other person’s actions, I will not be held accountable for those actions, and I will not be punished for those actions. Period. One person’s misuse of an inanimate tool does not give you the right to abridge my individual rights any more than a stranger murdering another stranger gives someone else the ability to put you in jail. Those who would punish millions of law-abiding American citizens (and, yes, “gun control” is a form of punishment, just like taxes are) due to the actions of a remarkably few criminals are employing the same specious “logic” and flawed arguments as those favored by the Soviets of old, who “ensured” a town’s compliance and productivity by taking “insurance” hostages and killing them should anyone in the city try to fight back.

As usual, the anti-rights cultists invariably seem to find the best of people to associate themselves with…

The other half of today’s quote of the day belongs to Tam for her response to Oleg’s post:

Rights belong to individuals, not groups: Just because all the other kids jump off the bridge, it doesn’t mean you can push me off, too.

“Collective rights” are a sham, and “collective responsibility” is a farce. Anyone who relies on either to make their points is voluntarily exposing the weak and flawed nature of their arguments.

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  • John Bernard Books

    This encapsulates the whole thing….


  • Decent quotes, but I quit caring what Oleg had to say after he stood behind Gpal for so long. Apparently i’m one of the few who hasn’t forgot that.

  • @ John Bernard Books: I cannot say as though I am a huge fan of “lines in the sand” (both as a concept, and as a phrase), but the man does a good job explaining his position.

    @ Mike-ENDOtactical: I do not recall the specific timeline, but once it became patently clear that something unethical was going on at GPal, Oleg stepped down. Up until that point, however, so far as I remember, it was pretty much hearsay, anecdotes, and guesstimates.

    *shrug* Would I take financial advice from Oleg? Probably not. But it is a logical fallacy to think that if was wrong on that, he would also be wrong on this, and given where he is from, I am inclined to listen.

  • He helped the scam along by deleting posts that talked bad about the company on his forum TheHighRoad. He can try to play stupid, but good luck claiming he didn’t know what was going on when he was on the board. ( http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/4439/gpalaboutus128452119172.png )

    He abandoned that company LONG after the ship went down (so to speak).

  • I am well aware of his position on the board, but I am also well aware of how little that means… From what I understand about that position, describing it as “nominal” would be something of an overstatement. Hell, I was “on the board” of both ships I served on, and was frequently one of the last to know about anything, even things that directly and significantly impacted me.

    As for the posts, was it specifically him, or was it any of that forum’s other many moderators? Did the posts in question violate any of the actual rules of the forum?

    *shrug* If you want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so be it, but discarding all of Oleg’s copious work for the pro-rights movement at the same time spanks of… pettiness. I more than understand that there are a lot of hard feelings about GPal and all of the nonsense surrounding it, but…

  • Your job on the board of directors (among other responsibilities) is to look out for the stakeholders best interest. If he wasn’t interested in doing that then he shouldn’t have joined.

    I am well aware of what Oleg has done for the gun community as a whole, but I will not forget the gpal scam. All I am saying is that he could have made right with that along time before he did. He chose not to for whatever reason. One of the last posts I read on calguns from him was when someone called him on his leaving gpal his response was something like “Oh I don’t know what’s going on with Gpal. I just decided to wash my hands of it for undisclosed reasons” type bullshit.

  • Tam

    The “board of directors”?

    Maybe you should go look at that graphic you linked again…

  • @ Tam:

    I am aware is says advisors.. but seeing as that company is incorporated, it is required to have a board of directors. I suppose Ben Cannon could be the only board member though, so you make a good point.

    Either way, the ethical thing for all those “advisors” to do would have been to cut all ties to that scam before it got out of hand. If it truly is just a group of advisors with no financial interest in the company then they should count themselves as fortunate for avoiding the possibility of getting raked through the legal system.

  • “not forget[ting] the gpal scam” != “I quit caring what Oleg had to say”.

    And, again, being on a board – any kind of board – does not necessarily mean you have a damned clue what the other members of the board in question are up to.

    I would hasten to point out that “legal systems” rather require knowledge/intent.

  • […] This dovetails nicely with what Oleg Volk, Tam, and Linoge said last week about collective punishment. In essence, anyone who wants to carry on campus (and so […]

  • @ Mike-ENDOtactical:
    I stood behind gpal so long as I thought they were trying to do right. Once I learned otherwise, I quit. I’d rather not be faulted for acting in good faith on incorrect information.