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my budget cannot keep up with their regulation

After picking up my new toy from their gunsmiths yesterday (headspace checked out fine, which means I can start doing unconscionable things to it in the near future… but more on that later), I stood around and gleaned all kinds of interesting information from the good folks at Coal Creek Armory.

First up, regardless of what the “official” determination is by the BATFE, importation of Saiga shotguns is pretty much done. Russian American Armory Company had a CONNEX box of 400 12 gauges sitting on a pier somewhere (of which CCA secured 20), and that was it. There are no more on ships. There are no more on planes. And the backchannels that the guys at CCA are privy to indicate that RAAC is simply giving up on importing the shotgun variants of that rifle. Honestly, I cannot say as though I am surprised, but given that I kinda wanted one before the BATFE “study”, and now really want one since it looks like there are not going to be many more, this rather sucks. Still, CCA will be selling the ones they have at the price they advertised before the “study”, and given the price-jump of the once-legal-but-now-banned-from-being-imported “Streetsweeper” shotguns (once sold for $400, now $2300… plus tax stamp for now being a “destructive device”), I can think of worse investments. *sigh* If I were not chasing so damned many other things at the moment…

Second, … well, I cannot tell you the second part, but suffice to say that good things are coming to CCA.

And, finally, just to rub salt into the “you cannot afford it” wound, CCA is running a 10% off all firearms and accessories sale this weekend… which basically takes care of the Tennessee sales tax, so the price you see on the sticker will more-or-less be the price you pay. I wonder if they do layaway…

5 comments to my budget cannot keep up with their regulation

  • Pyrotek85

    I was thinking of getting a Saiga 12 for a year or two now, but kept putting it off because they were easy to get a hold of and I had other things on my wishlist. Might have to hurry up now if the supply has indeed ended.

  • A more cynical person than I would raise the possibility that someone associated with that BATFE (&RBF) study might have invested in a few dozen Saiga shotguns, with the expectation of a price increase comparable to that of the Streetsweeper.

    And that would be wrong.”

  • @ Pyrotek85: There will still be used ones floating around, but given the non-trivial nature of converting them from “sporting” to “usable”, if you want an unmolested Saiga at a reasonable price, yeah, I think you should get one while the getting is good.

    This makes me wonder what folks like Red Jacket are going to do, though…

    @ AuricTech: While I certainly would not put such a thing past anyone in that organization, from a purely logical standpoint, it simply does not make sense to ban the Streetsweeper and not the Saiga… I am just surprised it took them this long to figure that out.

  • Of course they do layaway.

    Buy My Gun. Buy His Book.

  • @ Mr. McCauley: Heh. Unfortunately, I would be looking for about a year’s period… Something tells me they are thinking on a shorter time period.