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grabbing the bullpup by the horns

Just a helpful reminder for any other twisted individuals who would be interested in such things: the ordering period for the Mosin-Nagant CBRPS bullpup kit has opened, and Mr. Rolfe now has two variants available for your consumption, along with the options for setting up the stock to accept a speed bolt (warning: the turnaround on those bolts is 10 to 12 weeks), and installing a “coil spring loaded sensed recoil reducing butt” (not exactly sure what that means, but given an M-N’s kick, it might not be a bad idea).

It should come as no surprise to my regular readers, but my order will be going in shortly… So, white or black?

(We discussed these previously here, here, and here, and yes, I am warped.)

8 comments to grabbing the bullpup by the horns

  • White. There’s enough blactical rifles out there, and since this is something so strange to begin with, go big.

  • The man has a point…

  • weambulance

    My concern with something like this is it looks awfully awkward. Might be a good thing though, given Mosin bolt stiffness: it’s a little easier to open the bolt when it’s closer to the shoulder I suppose.

  • I had noticed that the bolt on mine was a little recalicitrant unlocking and relocking… Good to know that is a feature and not a bug.

    As for the design… well, I guess I will see!

  • If you can’t get it in mauve, then puce…if not then white. :)

  • You people are all bad influences….I have a son graduating this year! I have no money as it is all going into “projects” etc (aka reason to update ad do home improvements)
    ANd then you bring this up….
    Sigh I only own 2 Mosins. an M44 and 91/30.
    So you see I would have to buy another to do this…
    And, and, and….evil….all of your…
    And weer’d mauve and puce are not colors!!!!

  • @ Weer’d Beard: Well, I could always paint it those colors… ;). I threatened Better Half with “urban cammo”…

    @ maddmedic: Eh, you could use one of your existing Mosins to do this just fine – the kit requires no permanent changes to the host firearm, and it would be something fun to do with your kid before he disappears to college ;).

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