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in the interests of honesty

As I previously expressed, I have absolutely no use for polls when it comes to questions of individual rights; however, I am a naturally inquisitive individual, and ViolentIndifference had a very good idea. What you see below you is a nearly verbatim reconstruction of the poll Baldr Odinson had up on his webpage, and has since taken down, only with more than a few significant differences:

First, I swear to you I will never take the coward’s route and take it down, no matter what the results indicate, nor will I play the victim card if it turns out my position starts losing.

Second, I want people on both sides of the spectrum to go recruit all of the help, assistance, and grassroots support they can to vote in the poll, and I certainly will not complain about my webpage getting attention and traffic due to it. Post its link in forums, on webboards, at your own weblog, in emails, wherever-the-hell you want, and I wish you the best with it. Bring it on!

Third, I am being completely honest and up-front about my motivations for posting this poll – as VI said, I am curious to see if the anti-rights cultists can “muster a grassroots movement to show their numbers,” – and I will not claim that this was some grandiose “trap” if the numbers start skewing against me.

And, finally, I will never use this poll as leverage to support my individual rights – they exist independent of whether people approve of them or not.

([0730 11FEB11 Update] Due to my being an idiot and not adequately reading the fine print on SurveyMonkey’s pages, I did not realize that their “free” accounts are limited to only the latest 100 votes submitted for any poll. As such, amusingly enough, the below version of the poll has been shut down, however, it and its results have been replicated in the poll you see to your left – one that is hosted locally at my weblog, and one that has unlimited available responses. The final tally from the SurveyMonkey poll was 155 total votes, with 6 for the first option, three for the fourth, and 146 for the fifth, and those numbers have been carried over into the new incarnation of the poll.

Again, please look to the bottom of the left page bar in a non-mobile browser to take the poll! Thank you for your patience and understanding, and I apologize for the confusion. [/Update])

(If you are viewing this post in Google Reader, please click through to see the poll! It is located in the pagebar to the left.)

So get out there and get people to vote! There is no date cutoff, there is no max response count (though I did try to limit responses to one per IP, for whatever that will be worth), and the results will always be public and available if you want them. Unlike the hoplophobes of America, I welcome the chance for people to express their opinions and learn from the experience!

So… who wants to place bets as to how the results fare?

41 comments to in the interests of honesty

  • ViolentIndifference

    “So… who wants to place bets as to how the results fare?”

    Good or bad, I think the results will be… fair.

    I’m glad you are doing this.

  • PhillipC

    (though I did try to limit responses to one per IP, for whatever that will be worth)

    So I can’t send my wife here to vote?

  • Frank

    Missing a poll choice saying, “Not only against additional legislation, but want most current gun control laws repealed/overturned.”

  • @ ViolentIndifference: I see what you did there! And not a problem… like I said, I am genuinely curious.

    @ PhillipC: Unfortunately, unless you or she have a work computer from which to vote, no… It is the only way to prevent either side from immediately script-kiddying it, though a dedicated individual would not find it difficult to spoof IPs. If it turns into a serious enough problem for folks, I might consider relaxing that requirement, but it is a fairly standard one for online polls.

    @ Frank: Yes, well, given who wrote the original options, you should be thankful that you have an “against” option at all! :)

  • You left off the “Legislators should go blow their hot air out the other hole and leave me the hell alone” option.

  • Forget gun control; if I were Baldr, I’d be angling for more mistletoe control.

  • “Do you consider yourself for or against stricter gun legislation?”

    Yes. 😉

    (Having spent a quarter-century as a US Army interrogator, I naturally answer compound questions with “yes.”)

    Oh, and wfgodbold’s post is a strong contender for Quote of the Year….

  • Am I missing something, or is there a working poll I’m missing?

  • FYI: Someone posted a link to here on the Brady Campaign’s Facebook page.

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  • Phssthpok

    Regarding the ‘new’ left sidebar poll…I already voted (Srtongly against) so i don’t want to vote again, but for some reason I can’t ‘view results’. just FYI.

  • Same, it’s not letting me see the results either.

  • koveras225

    The poll seems to have malfunctioned. It gets stuck whenever I try to submit my vote or view the results. Tells me “Your last request is still being processed.” :(

  • @Phssthpok and koveras225: I had that problem earlier, but it’s working for me now.

  • Good one, and it’s still 98% against… Poor Baldr… Reality strikes yet again :-)

  • All: apparently my caching plugin was not playing well with the poll plugin, and the former has since been disabled. If you still encounter problems, drop me an email with OS, browser, plugin, script, and other information so I can properly troubleshoot it. I can say that for Vista/7 and IE, it seems to work just fine, and some folks have been able to successfully vote. Again, I apologize for the problems… Please bear with me as I chase them down :).

  • Phssthpok

    Seems to be working fine now.

    NOTE TO BALDR (if you’re reading this) I didn’t re-vote to pad the numbers in our favor. Cause, yeah…I’m all underhanded like that. *snerk*

  • RuffRidr

    LMAO! They post a link on the Brady Facebook page and they STILL only get 9 votes in their favor. If not so hilarious it would be absolutely pathetic.

  • Not only is the absence of “The laws are already too strict, let’s reduce them” a significant bias in Baldr Oldenson’s original poll (and hense this poll), it’s also a significant bias in pretty much every poll made on the subject.

    Anyone up for commissioning a formal, randomly sampled survey to see what the results were, if we just added that one option to the survey? I wish I could do it–and if anyone does, I’d like to see how many people would, like me, choose this option!

  • Blackhawk101

    Voted and posted this to AR15.COM- the people there LOVE responding to polls! 😀

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  • @ bluesun: Yes, well, like I said, I did not write the poll choices ;).

    @ wfgodbold: Poor guy just cannot win, can he?

    @ AuricTech: Some of the most interesting people turn out to be gunnies… part of the reason this is so fun!

    @ Weer’d Beard: Upper left corner of all pages and posts on my site… had to read it due to my not reading the fine print on SurveyMonkey’s surprisingly non-useful free polls… sorry.

    @ Jacob: Good! That was the whole point of the exercise, and I sincerely hope they send it out on whatever email chains and forums they have as well. They are still going to lose :).

    @ Phssthpok: Should be fixed now, unless you are viewing it in FireFox… in that case, I have no idea, and will not be able to fully trouble-shoot it until Monday.

    @ Thirdpower: Working on your FF issue, but we are out of town for the weekend…

    @ koveras225: It should let you vote properly now, sorry about the problem!

    @ Old NFO: Well, he is up to 9 total votes now… maybe by tomorrow he will break double digits!

    @ RuffRidr: But, remember, the NRA is naught but a paper tiger and does not represent the views of the average Americans. Right, Baldr?

    @ Alpheus: Wish I had the money to pay an actual polling house to do an actual poll on the topic, but the best I can do is what you see in the upper-left corner ;). Still, the results would be interesting for all parties involved… at least, assuming you were comfortable with the idea of rolling back the existing laws, which something tells me the anti-rights nuts are not.

    @ Blackhawk101: Awesome, thanks for the assistance!

  • Ken

    Come on, people, give Baldr a break. It takes time for him to take the bus to all the library Internets in his area. Also, he may be out of money for bus fare, in which case he’ll have to wait until his next welfare check.

  • Blackhawk101

    I guess you’ve seen Baldr’s latest blog where he now says that the poll was never meant to find out who was for or against gun control. Instead he said it was actually all a plot by him to draw in the pro-gun crowd and show how unethical they are by spiking his poll?

    Nice spin

  • @ Ken: Unfortunately, I fear you give dear Baldr far too much benefit of the doubt… it is far more likely that he is simply too ashamed of having his “trap” turned about on him, and is too much of a coward to come forward and admit it. Passive-aggressive bullies like him often suffer from that deficiency.

    @ Blackhawk101: I did, indeed, see his most-recent post on the poll (and responded to it a few posts back), but his most-recent comments are even more risible… I will be addressing those sometime this weekend.

  • ViolentIndifference

    @ Blackhawk101 wrote:

    I guess you’ve seen Baldr’s latest blog where he now says that the poll was never meant to find out who was for or against gun control. Instead he said it was actually all a plot by him to draw in the pro-gun crowd and show how unethical they are by spiking his poll?
    Nice spin

    I voted HERE (I was one of the first 20) and I blogged about THIS version of the poll. I saw the Baldr (I’d like to buy a vowel… ‘e’, Alex) poll early on and didn’t vote, nor did I do anything to drum up any votes. Just didn’t think it was important to blast Baldr with votes.

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  • @ ViolentIndifference: Likewise. I saw it, even voted in it, but did not care enough to say anything about it… and it still got over 700 votes. Now, we are up over 800 on mine, and you want to know what is interesting? The distribution is still about the same. Go figure ;).

    @ John Hardin: Looks like it could do with some help ;).

  • You got a mention at Facebooks “Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort” (which is really an anti-gun effort, of course) site. Get ready for a deluge of pro-gun control votes!

    Oh wait, that happened last Friday. The surge should already have happened. How’s the vote going now?

  • 12 for gun control.

    2 kinda for gun control.

    10 kinda against gun control.

    852 against.

    1 voted just ’cause.

    I think their “grassroots” just got nailed with some RoundUp!

  • @ John Hardin:
    Here are the latest numbers from the USN&WR poll:

    Should Congress ban high-volume ammo clips?

    1. 38.66% Yes
    2. 61.34% No

    I would expect the readers of USN&WR to be more likely than readers of this blog to belong to the political class, so I think this is a pretty good showing.

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  • Wow. That literally reversed numbers since my comment. Iiiinteresting.

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