dungeons and midbulk transports


(And if you have no idea what I am talking about, or why I made the choices I did, see here.)

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  1. I think a better line for chaotic evil would have been, “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

    Even if she’s not the one who says it.

  2. Took one o’ them “What character are you” quizzes, and said I was closest first to Book, then Jayne, then Simon. I think that puts me in the upper left side of True Neutral.

  3. All of them made sense to me. The perfect storm of Geekdom–D&D and Firefly. But of course I downloaded the Serenity and Firefly soundboard for my Droid X too.

  4. I am extremely disappointed that Christina Hendricks got married. YoSaffBridge is #1 on my list of “fictional bad girls who need a spanking and I have a free knee.”

  5. I was looking these characters up on IMDB and noticed that Summer Glau (River Tam) is in a movie called “Knights Of Badassdom”…

  6. HAH…spreading my influence across the broad plains of these here intar-tubez….MUAHAHAhahahahaha

  7. Not too sure about the lawful neutral choice – I would have maybe switched places with the lawful evil bounty hunter as the Alliance operative has a far greater capacity for destruction – and certainly displays no hesitation to use it. I would maybe have gone for Nishka (sp?) as a pick for chaotic evil, since he’s a right bastard.

  8. @ JP: You and just about every other red-blooded male in America (except Phssthpok, apparently…).

    @ wfgodbold: Yeah, I was trying to stick with the characters’ lines, but Wash was definitely doing a bit of foreshadowing there.

    @ bluesun: Some of those really make me wonder about the people writing them…

    @ Jennifer: One of the problems I encountered doing this is that if you confined yourself to just the crew, categorizations would be difficult… but Zoe was fairly straightforward ;).

    @ Weer’d Beard: It is pretty much the geek standard, though other concepts are elbowing in…

    @ Midwest Chick: I was unaware of this soundboard thingie… *finds and downloads*

    @ Sean D Sorrentino: Huh… had not heard about her getting hitched, but I was likewise … caught off guard … by Jewel Staite getting married as well. They seem to have found some very lucky men…

    @ Bob H: Works for me – Whedon still needs to give us, “Summer Glau Kicks Everyone’s Ass”.

    @ Phssthpok: Thanks for the inspiration :).

    @ mike w.: Yeah, that whole “murderous psycho bitch” thing? Not so fond…

    @ AuricTech: Gotta love a character who can fit every slot on the board… but, then, he has been around a while too.

    @ Kevin S: So the important thing to remember about Nishka was that he was all about agreements and appearances, which is pretty much the embodiment of Lawful. Evil, yes, but bound by his own code. As for the Operative versus Jubal, in their cases, it was a “best fit” question – I agree that they both are evil, and the Operative was evil on a grander scale, but Jubal was one twisted, warped, malicious little bastard, which pushed him over the edge to fitting that label better.

    Like I said, that link I provided actually gives a really in-depth explanation of the alignments, and the chapter on “Lawful Neutral” seems to fit the Operative.

  9. “Hey..no fair disparaging my red-blooded American Maleness out of contextโ€ฆ”

    Heeheehee, with the name of protector like Phssthpok, speaking of maleness is hilarious. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Firehand mentioned Kaylee and reminded me….where is she on the alignment chart? Chaotic good since she doesn’t mind breaking the law if it’s for a good cause?

  10. @ Phssthpok: Hey, you are the one talking trash about Hendricks… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @ Tennessee Budd: While I like that site’s descriptions of the alignments, their test seems far too easy to… game… intentionally or accidentally. Seems they could have phrased it better.

    @ guy: Kaylee is easy – “Yummy Cute”.

  11. I really dont see Safron as a CE… more like a CN, i mean, she does the things that she does not because she likes to hurt people or out of evilness, but because she wants to get some profit. I mean, the only difference i see between her and Jayne is that Jayne is with the good guys.

    My first thoughts on CE would be Nishka aswell, but you have a point on your comment so… maybe the Reavers could be CE

  12. @Synbios: Can’t agree with you on YoSaffBridge. She made it clear that her payoff wasn’t money, it was in conning people.

    Jayne was different in that he was simply selfish. She was out to hurt people.

  13. @ Synbios: Sean beat me to it. She enjoyed screwing people over, up to and including pointlessly murdering them (by proxy, granted, but she still gave people over to those who would kill them… with a song in her heart). Sure, Jayne did the same thing, but, as you say, only because he was paid.

  14. I cannot remember the exact line, but at the end of “Our Mrs. Reynolds”, she said something along the lines of, “You assume the payoff is the point.”

    But, hey, any excuse to watch Firefly is a good one.

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