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deal alert

Brownell’s 20- and 30-round AR-15 magazines are on sale for $9.99, and if you use the coupon code “CRD”, you will get $5 shipping on all orders $100 and over. If it were not for my next AR being a .22, this package of a lower parts kit, flash suppressor, assembly DVD, and ten magazines would be in the mail to me as we speak, considering that it is a steal at $160.

*sigh* Would that I had more disposable funds to invest in aluminium, copper, and lead…

--Download deal alert as PDF --

2 comments to deal alert

  • Laughingdog

    Oh yeah, I’m loving you right now. I’ve had a couple stripped lowers sitting around waiting for me to get around to learning enough about building an AR to start getting the parts to build them. This just nudged me off my butt enough to hopefully turn one of them into a functioning lower in the next few weeks.

  • Glad to have been of service :). The first lower is always a bear, especially with all of those damned retaining pins, but after that I think (hope) they get easier. From what I hear, though, Brownell’s video on how to put them together is pretty good (I relied on ARFCOM’s printed instructions), and I know the DPMS lower parts kit is decent.

    So, yeah, here is to your new toy!