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baldr odinson’s new trajectory

Alright, so I suck at prognostication… Just as well I do not routinely dress in robes and have a thing for Greek virgins.

I know I said I would try to keep my Baldr Odinson-related posting to a minimum in the future, but this email exchange was just too good to pass up… This weekend, I sent the following message to Baldr, copied to Weer’d, Bob S., and Patrick:


Given that you have not seen fit to approve my comment inviting you to my version of your poll, I am sending you this email to inform you of its existance:


I just wanted to be sure we were all on the same page.

In case you have difficulty finding it, the poll is currently residing in the upper-left corner of every single page and post on my weblog… Unfortunately, I did not read the fine print of SurveyMonkey well enough, and had to move polls midstream – sorry about the confusion. Likewise, if you have problems voting in it, please let me know… apparently the script causes problems with FireFox, though I have not been able to determine why.

At any rate, as you can see in the explanatory post, I sincerely hope you go forth and gather up all of the support for your opinion you can, and bring them to bear on the poll in question – unlike you, I am actually interested in the outcome of this exercise, and whether or not the anti-rights organizations of American can bring to bear the same number of members that the pro-rights *indivdiuals* of American can wrastle up. So, please, spread that link around, and get some people to vote – your side is not looking to good at the moment. Additionally unlike you, I promise not to take down the poll even if you *are* able to find a massive number of people to vote on it – I do not take my ball and go home just because the game turns against me.

So, please, vote (unless you have already voted, which I think you might have, based on the IP records of the plugin), and get all of your friends to vote too. Let us see where people *really* stand on this issue!

Yours in freedom,

P.S. Please note that this email has been Blind Carbon Copied to multiple of my pro-rights bretheren, and any attempt to misrepresent it will be called out for what it is. Additionally, please note the signature line below, and the associated Terms of Use.

After all, it is entirely possible that my comment got lost in the nether reaches of the intertubes before Baldr was able to moderate it out of existence, or in one of his mass-Reasoned-Discourse spates, he may have accidentally clicked my comment for deletion, or any number of other things could have happened to prevent that comment from reaching his attention. Lord knows the Internet is a wild and woolly place.

Thankfully, Baldr’s response cleared up any confusion:

No thanks, Linoge. I’d rather point people to real surveys than to your blog.



Thanks for that delightful response!

The problem, of course, is that my weblog is now honored to host *your* poll, after you, in your infinite cowardice, decided to take it down.

As such, thank you very kindly for finally admitting that you never intended your poll to be ‘real’ – you can rest assured that I, and probably those I blind copied on this email, will be blogging about your admission of dishonesty and unethical behavior.

Thanks again,

Unsurprisingly, Baldr has not seen fit to respond… I guess he is just living down to my expectations in regards to his character.

At the very beginning of this sad debacle, Baldr’s post announcing his poll read, in its entirety:

Please note the poll I posted at the top right of the page. It will run for the next week. I just want to gauge the philosophy of visitors to New Trajectory.

Sometime soon I’m going to blog on a number of recent nationwide and regional polls, and would like to compare this one with those.

Please be honest and only vote once.

Nowhere in that post did he indicate that he did not consider his poll to be a “real survey”; nowhere in that post did he let on that he was planning on springing a not-so-very-devious trap on the pro-rights activists of America; nowhere in that post did he indicate that he had any kind of ulterior motives… the original post resembled nothing more than an attempt to draw attention to an honest desire to learn more about his readership.

His decrying of my poll – which is really his poll – as not being a “real survey”… well, like I said, that clears up some confusion. Baldr Odinson misrepresented his poll as being nothing more than a survey of his visitor’s opinions; he lied about his motivations; he mislead his readership; he exhibited extreme cowardice by taking down the poll when it started to go against him (and ahead of his promised duration); he openly lied (both actively and through omission) regarding his designs for the poll… and after all of this, he has the unmitigated gall to lecture pro-rights activists on “unethical behavior” and speciously accuse us of “astroturfing”?

Uhm, piss off, mate.

At this point, I think it is fair to say that Baldr Odinson’s new trajectory is headed straight towards some pretty disgusting places filed with lies, misdirection, prevarication, misinformation, and other horribly unethical behavior. Why should we take this passive-aggressive scumbag seriously any more? And, more importantly, why should anyone listen to his self-effacing pleas for more failed “gun control” legislation, when we cannot even trust him to behave responsibly when no one’s rights are on the line?

2 comments to baldr odinson’s new trajectory

  • Patrick

    You know.. I don’t think I’ve blogged anything since you sent me that email.

    It’s funny that he talks about “be honest” and then accuses us of cheating, not because anyone voted more than once (although that might have happened) but because we told other people about his “poll”.

    I didn’t catch this when I read his email before. Your poll is exactly his and he won’t point anyone to it because it’s “not a real poll”. Wow. Thanks for pointed that out.

  • I have little to no doubt that people voted twice in his poll… but his objection was not to that, and he presented no evidence of such. Instead, he attacked us for daring to spread the news of his poll – how the hell does that make sense? He wanted people’s opinions. He got people’s opinions. He even got more people’s opinions than he was originally banking on. How is that bad?

    Or, rather, how is that bad for a person who is genuinely interested in people’s opinions?

    And, yeah, I should probably have stressed the similarities between our polls more… but his blanket dismissal of what was originally his poll more than exposed his ulterior motives.