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just a few differences

So maybe I am not completely insane…

Next month, I plan on purchasing a 91/30 Mosin-Nagant from the usual source (though if anyone has any better suppliers, feel free to speak up).

The following month, I plan on purchasing a Center Balanced Rifle Platform System kit for said M-N 91/30, assuming it is still offered (there is some question as to how the company is going to proceed).

A few months after that, I plan on consummating the unholy union, and seeing what I have.

In the end, assuming that whole master plan works and gives me something that can reach out and touch human-sized targets at 500 yards or so (hey, I can be optimistic once in a while), I will have saved myself somewhere around four thousand dollars.

Now before anyone completely flies off the handle, no, I am not trying to compare a leftover, borderline-antique military surplus slugthrower to a custom-built, hand-tuned, reach-out-and-touch-someone tack driver… there is simply no comparison possible – the latter is shorter, probably lighter, mass-produced (with all of the associated benefits and shortcomings), modular (which is just awesome), “match-grade” quality throughout, and probably capable of shooting a fly off a flea off a fly’s back at 1000 yards – but the concept is largely the same. Take a bolt-action rifle, move its action behind the grip, adjust everything else accordingly.

And no matter how you look at it, four grand is four grand, ammunition that is at least half the price of what the SRS eats has to count for something too, and you and I both know that “match grade” hardware is well and truly wasted on me. Me, I am willing to spend an insignificant fraction of that price difference practicing to the point where I might be able to hit Boomers with something approximating consistency… and not just because doing so with a rifle that is around three times older than me would just be awesome.

Like I said, if people are willing to invest in mass manufacturing $4,000+ bolt-action bullpups, and other people are willing to actually purchase such things, maybe I am not that insane for investing $400 in a tremendously dumbed-down version… But, in either case, it should prove to be interesting.

(The costlier one courtesy of MJ Mollenhour.)

11 comments to just a few differences

  • JP

    I’ll never understand you people and your bullpup rifles… :P

  • Have a 91/30 and a M44.
    Enjoy them both.
    Picked up one at a local gun show and one at Fleet Farm.
    Both fun to shoot.

  • Arctic Patriot

    I bought a beautiful 91/30 that was on consignment. No kidding, the thing does about 1-2 moa with ancient Bulgarian ammo. All I did was add Mojo Sights. It’s not uber tacti-cool, but it is fun to out-shoot the mall ninjas at the range with an ancient iron-sighted rifle.

    A bullpup 91-30? I checked out the site. That…takes some getting used to, but I think I like it. I’d have to keep my cherry Mosin as-is, but putting a lesser one on a bullpup might be fun. Let us know how it goes!


  • I’m with JP. Bullpups sound great to people who’ve never shot one. Mechanically they’re great, ergonomically they’re HORRID!

    Still I’ll be amused to watch from afar.

  • Well, according to, the effective range of the Mosin is about 400-500 meters. ;-)

  • @ JP: So this specific case is an amalgamation of a few different things…

    1. I like the concept of bullpups, and I want them to get past the “holy crap this sucks phase Weer’d is talking about, and that is only going to happen if there is interest.

    2. I just love the idea of popping Boomers with a rifle that is significantly older than me. Which brings me to…

    3. This platform allows for the mounting of modern optics and hardware to what is almost an antique rifle.

    4. And, finally (and most importantly), it just looks freaking bad-ass. ;)

    @ maddmedic: I think the guy responsible for the 91/30 kit is looking to make a “Packer” version for the 44, complete with blast-dissipation vanes at the end to try and mitigate some of that thundercrack… should be interesting :).

    @ Arctic Patriot: The concept definitely takes some thinking about, especially considering how the cheek plate has to move out of the way to operate the bolt, but I like how it makes the rifle fit in smaller packages (definitely a concern for transporting it across the country).

    I might have to check around at the pawn shops in the area… had not thought about that. Of course, by the same token, it would be well worth it to build this entire thing out of a rifle that was shipped straight to my door, and then remind the anti-rights nuts of that fact every opportunity I get… ;)

    @ Weer’d Beard: ‘T’would be nice if we could ever get the Tavor imported… out of all the ‘pups in the world, that one seems to actually work… Aside from that, though, I guess we will see :).

    @ the pistolero: Fresh off the assembly lines at Izhevsk, I can probably buy that. A thrashed-out milsurp one now? Just going to have to find out…

  • Bob H

    I don’t understand it either way… It looks like a lot of money or a lot of effort and when you are done, you still have a bolt action rifle.

  • Well, yeah, but just “a bolt action rifle” describes a whole host of rather nice hardware out there… And, assuming it works (*crosses fingers*), $400 is not that much for the eventual product.

  • Grognard

    Well, a bullpup is nice for novelty…

    Have you tried the British Enfield in .303?

    I’ve a standard Mk4No1 with a adjustable ladder sights.
    It is one of the most accurate guns I’ve ever owned.
    It produces 1-2″ groups at 250 yards, which is the longest known range Ive fired it.
    It could probably do better with a better shooter.
    Bear in mind that the Brits kept the Enfield in service until the ’80s.
    and I only paid $150 for it at a pawn shop.

  • So the Mosin is about as cheap (at least before the monstrositization), and ammo is about as cheap, and there is something… amusing… about owning and shooting one of the primary rifles of the country I grew up worrying about in the back of my mind… ‘Course, down the line, an Enfield is always an option :).

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