the last airbender

The Last Airbender – If this were a just and fair world, that would have been M. Night Shyamalan’s last movie, thanks to actors, writers, producers, and production houses wanting to distance themselves as much as possible from a source of such mind-numbingly atrocious dreck in the future… so much for that idea.

4 thoughts on “the last airbender”

  1. Hm. Might honestly have to disagree with you on that one, both on that being good, and his later ones not (I rather enjoyed The Village, though the ending was a given from very shortly in…).

  2. Leading up to its release, I was confused about James Cameron’s Avatar (I thought it was related to the cartoon).

    After having seen it, I imagine that had the two Avatar movies swapped directors, both would have been greatly improved (and I haven’t seen The Last Airbender; Cameron could hardly make an M Night movie worse, though).

  3. Hm. Cameron probably could not have worsened Airbender any, but I am willing to wager that Shaymalan could have made Avatar even wrose, painful though that prospect might be.

    I get images of painful suspense, awkward silences, and “sudden” plot devices you saw coming from the very beginning… y’know, just take the standard elements of Avatar and square them.

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