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this is just the beginning

Now that I have said my piece regarding one of the local elections, what about the national ones?

Frankly, I do not care.

Yeah, you heard me right – I do not really care who won what election, because history has proven it does not matter. Case in point: Our Glorious President. He made promises left, right, center, up, down, and all over the gorramed place, and how many of the big ones has he actually managed to work on, much less keep, in the past two years? How many Democrats/”liberals”/”progressives” are wholly dissatisfied with his performance, even those who were amongst his adoring, cultish throng back during his election? And President Barack Hussein Obama is just one of the 536 politicians in Washington who have said and promised damn near anything to get where they are now.

Aside from the very valid point that these elections fully indicate the average American’s dissatisfaction with the current situation on Capitol Hill, yesterday was almost meaningless – what those newly-minted politicians will do over the next two/four/six/whatever years is the only thing that will matter. Are those Representatives, Senators, and Governors going to follow in the historical footsteps of their predecessors and abandon their campaign platform in favor of whatever the hell they want to do today, or are they going to honestly keep their words, and ensure their actions live up to those words?

Well, that is up to us. So you voted. Great. Your job ain’t over yet. It is now incumbent upon us, the American people, to ride these politician’s backs like rabid, brain-eating monkeys, and make damned sure they understand why it was we elected them, and what we expect of them.

Remember: our government governs at the humor of the people, and our responsibilities, and power, neither start nor end at the ballot box.

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  • Beaumont

    Absolutely spot on. The freedom-loving citizenry of 2010 is in much the same postion as those Minutemen who, much to their own surprise, had forced the British to quit the field of battle in Massachusetts. One victory does not imply that the war is over.

    Once threatened, anti-rights forces tend to react in ways similar to those long-ago British armies. Unfortunately for us all, “war” has the potential to be more than a mere figure of speech.

  • And doubly unfortunately, I have very little faith that the average American will have the necessary attention span and willpower to keep the pressure on their duly-elected representatives for the next two years… Hell, I have a hard time believing that those Americans will remember what the Senators not up for re-election this go-round did in time for the next election.

    I guess we will see. I have been wrong before, and I hope I am now…