“To a pro-control individual, the Bill of Rights grants rights to citizens, allowing them certain abilities within reason.

To a pro-freedom individual, the Bill of Rights sets boundaries on the government, limiting how far it can infringe on citizens' already-existing rights.”
by Linoge




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the times are a-changing

There is something definitely strange about being in an almost-48-hour power outage, and being able to keep up with, and update, the internet on our phones.  Connectivity has been rough at times, and we have had to rely on the generator to keep the phones charged, but we have been watching the weather, checking the news, and poking Facebook the whole time. 

Bit better than huddling around a hearth, this…

2 comments to the times are a-changing

  • I don’t know… sometimes I enjoy huddling around a hearth.

  • Oh, there are definitely some good things to be said for it, but there are also some benefits of having the weather, news, and social features of the Internet at your fingertips when nothing else electrical/electronic is working.