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reviewing the gun

Well, this does not happen every day.

Simon and Schuster (the book company, and publishers of writings by Ursula K. Le Guin, Glenn Beck, and Stephen King, just to drop a few names) is sending me a copy of The Gun, by C. J. Chivers, to review… gratis.

As in they emailed me, out of the blue, and offered to send me a brand-spanking-new book for free, with the only caveat being “write something/anything about it”.

Obviously I agreed, but I tried not to trip over my own feet in the process…

No, you are not going to see my name alongside Doug Stanton or James Bradley on the inside of The Gun‘s dustjacket – I have no illusions about being an “editorial reviewer” – but it is still pretty damned shiny to have a multi-million (-billion?) dollar company send you a brand new product for not better reason than “just because”. Oh, sure, they are getting maybe a few thousand page-views out of this post, and my eventual review, and purchases from or encouraged by these posts might make up for their relatively miniscule costs, but my ego is willing to take the book and run.

To tide you over until such time as I can finish The Last Centurion (strange book, but an interesting read regardless) and Monster Hunter Vendetta (unfortunately I started the former before receiving my signed copies of the latter, and I am very afraid of losing track of its story if I take a break from it – like I said, strange book), here is a couple-minute advertisement blurb from the author himself:

A Connections-style book focusing on the AK-47? As I told the publicity representative who contacted me, that sounds right up my alley – if it is up yours as well (and it probably is, given my weblog’s topics), and you do not want to wait for me to get off my lazy ass, you can procure The Gun at Amazon, or from Simon and Schuster directly.

(Friendly note to other publishing houses, writers, manufacturers, and producers of things: send me free stuff, and you will get posts like this.)

7 comments to reviewing the gun

  • Hey, now that’s kinda awesome.

    I liked the Last Centurion–did you go and look at the book’s website? It has some more really random information and in-jokes without an explanation.

  • wow that looks like a good one!

  • @bluesun – It sure as hell beats the pants off most of the email I get :).

    The book is rather growing on me the closer I get to finishing it, but I would definitely argue that it is not one of his better works…

    @Weer’d Beard – Should be interesting, especially if he develops it half as well as indicated…

  • Patrick

    Makes one think that you aren’t as brain-damaged as some would seem to think, doesn’t it? And apparently someone likes your writing style that knows a thing or two about writing. Congratulations.

  • Why, it is almost like some people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, eh?

    That brings to mind a rather amusing thought, actually… This weblog is not on a “free” platform, and yet is entirely self-supporting through its advertisements. Furthermore, this will be the second book, and the fifth item in general I have received, for free, thanks to a post on this weblog.

    I wonder how many of the anti-rights weblogs out there can claim the same?

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