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just too cool

A bullpup Mosin Nagant? I irrationally want one in ways that are probably illegal in some states.

‘Course, there is a great deal to be said for a full-length, bullpup-ed Saiga shotgun as well… but something about taking a 119-year-old design and slapping it in a brand-spanking-new aluminium body, especially when that body is a bullpup design for a bolt-action, integral-magazine rifle… yeah, that appeals to just about every single firearm-related quirk I have.

Think something like that could be competitive at Boomershoot? *snort* A century-old, $350 rifle (after the stock addition… ok, maybe $750, tops, if you want a good-condition Finnish M-N – what is the difference?) popping targets at 500 yards. Seems reasonable to me… And, ironically, it would be easier to put the necessary glass on than my SOCOM II. Go figure. The only catch, if it is one, seems to be that turned-down/bent bolts are preferrable with this rig, but those are not too hard to come by.


(Courtesy of The Firearm Blog.)

3 comments to just too cool

  • Oh I can see that!
    But the SKS Bullpup….oh yeah….

  • Mark

    Saw this yesterday and I’m pretty much obsessed with them. I want to buy an SKS just so I can be a pretend Stormtrooper.

    Good job with the blog!

  • @maddmedic – It just tickles my “awesome” bone in every way possible…

    I can definitely see the appeal of the SKS/AK, too… basically gives you an SBR without all the pointless paperwork. Hell of a thing.

    @Mark – You and me both :). I have been pricing out various models and types of M-Ns, learning about their histories, figuring out which model I might most be interested in, trying to find optics… Things this awesome have a tendency of snapping up my attention like you would not believe :).

    And thanks!

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