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get your screw on

Like all good, red-blooded Americans, I had certain designs to celebrate 10OCT in an appropriate, “no pressure” kind of way; but, as with so many plans of mice, they kind of went out the window, and I spent most of the day screwing. Let me tell you, there was a lot of screwing:

Thanks to .50 caliber ammo cans being just a hair over 6 inches in width, these shelves’ capacity is “only” 30 (including the floor), but something tells me that will be sufficient for the time being (and the extra space on each shelf is convenient for boxes and whatnot else); and if you are more willing to deal with awkward dimensions and more waste, bumping those shelves to four cans is not hard (I just had half a sheet of plywood left over from another project, and it was easier this way). If anyone wants specific details as to how to build it, I can probably type/draw them up (along with the inevitable ideas on how to make it better), but the short answer is that all of this came out of 4 2″x4″x12′ boards, 3 2″x4″x104″ boards, that longwise half-a-sheet of standard 3/4″ plywood, and about two pounds of screws.

Still, original plan or not, any day where you can piss off enviroweenies (for daring to use copious quantities of coal-generated electrical power to slice, dice, and otherwise mutilate chopped-down-and-processed trees) and hoplophobes (for obviously having more than enough ammunition to qualify as an “armory” – whateverthehell that means) alike is a good day indeed.

17 comments to get your screw on

  • Is that 7.62 NATO Crate FULL???

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  • dagamore

    just like any gun safe, it will be full faster then you think it will.

  • @Weer’d Beard – You betcha. 1k rounds, bought as a hedge against rising prices before those prices went sky-high. The battlepacks are not even opened yet :).

    @dagamore – True, but now that I know how to build these, the next will be bigger, badder, and more awesome :).

  • OMG WANT SO BAD! Yeah I bought a bunch of South African Battle-packs just before the door closed on them and the price went up…but those are almost gone…and just in time for me buying an FAL grrrrr

  • Well, what is the going rate on a grand? 😉

    My SOCOM has not been to the range in about two years now, just due to those prices… and the fact that most indoor ranges in my area frown on capable-of-perforating-pistol-grade-bullet-catcher rifles…

  • I don’t see any kind of cross bracing on it.

    If you did, you hid it well.
    If not, you might want ad some, or at least use more screws to stabilize it.
    Don’t want it folding up sideways when it’s got hundreds of pounds of lead and brass on it, do we?

  • You cannot see that the back mirrors of the front braces have multiple squared-off arrangements of multiple screws at the appropriate joints. We were running out of screws towards the end, but I might put more in later…

  • Bob H

    I saw a piece recently where a man was arrested who had an “arsenal” according to the local newsreader. 2 9mm autoloaders, a shotgun and a 9mm carbine… he also had “hundreds of bullets”…

  • Well, if you replace “9mm Carbine” with “military-style ‘assault rifles'”, and then increase the number of bullets by a factor of ten, that is pretty much me. So I guess I do count :).

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  • Hmmmmm…
    Have a nice collection of full ammo cans in various calibers, safely stored.
    But…not on a nice rack like that!!

    Heh…can’t have enough ammo!!

  • emdfl

    I just buy the $70.00 cheapo metal racks from HD. They hold 300-400 pounds on each shelf which lets me put 11 full .50 cal. cans on each shelf

  • I wish I had the funds to do that. I’m going to have to make my by hand on a single stage press.

  • Mr Evilwrench

    Over the years I’ve built all kinds of racks and benches like that, some fastened to walls, others freestanding. If your taste in “pretty” doesn’t require furniture-grade woodworking, you can get a lot of function out of some 2×4’s and plywood. It’s not too hard to make it so it won’t fall over 😉

  • @maddmedic – Nope, you never can, but you can definitely run out of places to put it… This saves me from having to dig through a pile of cans to get to the one that invariably is at the bottom!

    @emdfl – Yup, that is always an alternative.

    @DirtCrashr – Well, that certainly saves money, and gives you more of a vested interest in the end product and all that… 😉

    @Mr Evilwrench – Heh, that can-shelf is about the extent of my abilities at “pretty” (aside from spraypainting the darned thing), but it lives in a closet, it is invariably going to get beaten to hell, and it works, which is all I really care about :).