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get your bullpup on

For those folks out there who, like me, have a very sudden and deep infatuation with Center Balanced Rifle Platform Systemsbullpup configurations of various rifles (including Saiga 12s, Remington 597s, Mossberg 702s, Mosin Nagant 91/30s, SKS, and AK-47 clones), you had better get your bank account sorted out – you will be able to order the AK-47 Standard and Saiga 12 Shotgun Spike models form November 1-15, and the Remington 597 model from January 1-15.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are interested in the Mosin-Nagant model, the ordering for that ended back on the 15th of this month… However, I have it on good authority we will be able to plunk down our money come March of next year (I also have it on good authority that you might be able to sneak an M-N order in if you emailed the CBRPS folks RIGHT NOW, but there are no guarantees on that.). Still, I already have a pretty fair idea of what I want… folding rear pod, chassis-mounted bipod, the double-stage picatinny rail (one on the carry handle, one on the body in front of it)… pretty much this one. Now I just have five months to decide “white or black”… and I really wonder if there is enough space in front of the trigger and behind the bipod to put in some kind of internal holder for a few stripper clips of 7.62x54r (the answer, it turns out, is “no” – the folks at CBRPS are very responsive to emails)…

Five months should give me enough time to find a good Mosin-Nagant to bastardize into that monstrosity… and it might give the BATFE enough time to actually get me my gorramed updated C&R license. Last time, they lost my paperwork. This time, the USPS lost the new one they supposedly sent out. And these kinds of people are supposed to run our health care system for us? God help us.

9 comments to get your bullpup on

  • ZK

    Those kits are just bizarre. I’m not sure how I feel about bull-pups in general (there are reasons they haven’t really caught on), but turning a C&R rifle into a futuristic bull-pup is unquestionably a cool endeavor.

    I hope they actually ship. These sort of bull-pup conversion tend to, well, not, and it would be nice for a company to buck that trend.

  • ZK

    After rummaging through their site a bit more, it looks like they have shipped at least some custom kits.

    That’s awesome. Look forward to a review! :-)

  • Yeah, their “gallery” section seems to document models that they actually sent out to people, so I am not really too concerned about them disappearing, or my money going down a black hole.

    I agree that bullpups do have defineable and documented shortcomings and potential problems, but in this case, the “awesome” factor far overwhelms any concerns I might have… And M-N receivers are not known for going all grenadey on folks.

  • Chris

    If they could figure out how to make it work left-handed, I’d be all over the Nagant One – No Idea quite what I’d use it for, but a mile-long barreled rifle in a reasonable size has got to be good for something. I can always figure out what later.

  • ZK

    I’d have additional concerns due to Googleing reviews of some of their previous products, but, heck, it’s not *my* money, and if they do it right, it seems like something that would be suitable for fighting Cylons.

  • @Chris – Hm. Short of mounting the entire action upside-down (which would cause all manner of problems on its own), I cannot see an easy way of making the M-N leftie-friendly… but then I am not a gunsmith. And a rifle like that hardly needs an excuse ;).

    @ZK – So I was able to dig up a few YouTube reviews (God those people ramble more than I do) here:

    The first and second were done by the same guy, and while he has some concerns about accuracy in the second video, he admits in the first video that he did not get the barrel lock-down screw in his package (which is bad in and of itself, but would significantly affect the platform’s accuracy). His comments about ergonomics and the need for a buttpad, however, are definitely something to bear in mind… Could be an earlier model, could be a consistent problem. Either way, seems like it is mostly a personal taste thing, and I can certainly be a gerbil for that :).

    And I hope to hell that 7.62x54r is sufficient for Toasters, otherwise we are well and truly screwed…

  • Chris

    Didn’t think it would be practical – Some sort of wacky mechanism to work the bolt from the left side, Bolt handle cut down to just about nothing and a raised cheekrest for an ejection chute? Would be fun to do, But a Kel-Tec RFB would likely be cheaper. And faster, and work better, and… Still sounds like fun though. But I’m the guy who thinks an electric delinker/feeder that hangs out the magwell of my Rem. 700 would be neat, too. Just because.

  • Chuck

    I have the Mosin stock and the SKS and have thoroughly enjoyed both. I plan on ordering the Saiga 12 as soon as it comes available in November. I’ve had correspondence with Bernie and he’s very above board with his dealings and I’ve had excellent response when I had stupid questions on my part.

    My CBRPS SKS stock I used a scoutscopes mount ( the stock is designed to use it as well ) so no accuracy issues or repeatability of a scope zero. And he has a mod for the SKS stock to eliminate the duckbill on the detachable magazines.

  • @Chris – An RFB may be the cheaper route (though I have some concerns over safety with that setup, and, specifically, that company), but turning a M-N into some kind of steampunk-esque monstrosity just to get it to work for lefties is the infinitely more-awesome alternative.

    @Chuck – Is there any way I could talk you into taking some pictures of both setups, and possibly even writing up a review to be put up here as a guest post? It seems a lot of my readers (and myself) are somewhat interested in these products, but information regarding them is largely limited (I asusme due to their relative newness and slow production rate).

    And, stupid question – when you say “scoutscopes mount”, does that attach to the old SKS body, or to the CBRPS stock?

    I, too, have been very impressed with Bernie’s responsiveness over emails, and willingness to put up with stupid ideas (like the above-mentioned holder for M-N stripper clips) – seems like a very reasonable and helpful individual :).

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